Day 5

  I mentioned at the beginning of the week that you might need to get out of your comfort zone -- and today just may be that day. Are you ready?

Today's Mission
Here's a list of today's assignments. You'll find more details down below!
  • Track the calories you eat without modifying your eating habits.
  • Pay attention to why you're eating. Read the articles listed down below to help you understand emotional overeating and comfort foods.
  • Come on over to Facebook, Twitter or Google + for support (or use the comments down below).
  • Fill out the Daily Habits Awareness Sheet at the end of the day.
Emotional Overeating & Comfort Food
We eat for so many reasons! We eat because we're happy, sad, frustrated, angry, stressed, when we really should be eating for one reason only: to give our body fuel.
Food is fuel for the body; not a band-aid for the mind.

You can get into a vicious cycle when your eating is triggered by emotions. You feel bad, so you overeat. Then, you feel bad because you overate.

You need to figure out what triggers the emotional eating. If it's something in your life, you'll need to consider making changes. If it's something you can't change immediately, you'll need to find ways to manage and cope.

When it comes to stress, instead of eating, you can:
  • Vent your feelings: talk to a trusted friend or family member; write in a journal or find some other healthy way to let it all hang out.
  • Exercise it away: Exercise is a great way to burn off steam -- and calories. It's been shown to lower stress levels.
See: What's the Simplest Stress Reliever? Pay Attention Today Today, I want you to pay attention about why you're eating. Do you find yourself reaching for food because you're hungry or because you're feeling some kind of emotion? You can read these articles for strategies on dealing with emotional overeating and comfort foods. Daily Habits Awareness Worksheet (Week 1) Don’t forget to fill out your Daily Habits Awareness worksheet! Weight Loss Excuse Busters Your Excuse: I Don't Know How Else To Comfort Myself, Except with Food! Share What's the main reason you overeat? Do you eat only out of hunger or does how you're feeling dictate when (and what) you eat? Comment down below or head over to Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

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