Week 4 Prep

  Week 4 is where everything comes together! Calories count — but ‘healthy’ calories are what you want to aim for.


What You’ll Be Focusing on for Week 4

Now that you’re getting an idea of how much you’re eating and when you’re eating — and the balance of carbs, protein and fat — it’s time to focus on the quality of your food.

Sure, if you eat at a calorie deficit, you’ll lose weight. But your body also needs vitamins and minerals. You cannot live on Twinkies alone!

The past few weeks you’ve been focusing on food as fuel, but now you want to add in the word nourishing. Food should be nourishing fuel for the body.

You may feel overwhelmed with all the different ways to make healthier food choices. Don’t try to make major changes. See where you can add in an extra vegetable or two, if you’re lacking in vegetables. Make sure you make changes that you can live with for the rest of your life. If you hate eggplant, don’t eat eggplant! But do keep an open mind and try new things.

You may find your goals out of whack as you make changes. Just make adjustments as you go along.

Prepare Yourself for Week 4
Keep an open mind to the changes you’ll be making, that’s all I ask. You’ll also be assigned a task a day that will take you through the steps to creating a “7 Day Healthy Lifestyle Goal-Setting Plan”. This will give you a plan of action for after the boot camp.

Good luck with Week 4! You’re almost done!

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