Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

A formula that uses weight and height to estimate body fat and gauge health risks due to carrying too much weight. The BMI is only one factor in determining a person's health risk. A BMI in the "healthy" range does not necessarily mean that you are fit and healthy!

BMI does not take into account lean body mass or body frame. A muscular, large-framed person's BMI could indicate obesity, but other indicators would show that this is not the case.

Note: Not a good indicator for those who are under 18, very muscular, large-framed or pregnant.


Note: There is some controversy regarding the under- weight indicator. Studies show that a low BMI is considered a risk factor. However, by eliminating those in the studies who are underweight due to a fatal disease, chronic illness and such, there are indications that a low BMI is not necessarily a risk factor if you are otherwise fit and healthy.