The Calorie Tracker Will Be Closed as of March 31st, 2021

​Hey there!  Coach Suzanne here, creator of the FitWatch Fitness Tracker.

The decision has been made so to sunset the tracker on March 31st, 2021. New registrations are no longer being accepted.

The tracker was first created back in 2002; something I put my heart and soul into - and coded myself.  Definitely a labour of love that combined my coding skills and love of nutrition and fitness. Calorie counting was my jam!

And then…

Things changed with a new wave of apps. Which is cool! Technology is cool! As a one-person company though, I couldn’t keep up.

And then…

I became a certified Precision Nutrition coach -- and discovered a whole new world of mindset, hand portions and working on habits instead of calorie counting.  Habits like eating slowly, eating till 80% full...

Calorie counting still has its place. It can be a great eye-opener into realizing how many calories you’re eating in a day when you track your food for a few days.  Especially on weekends. Oh, those pesky weekends!

But calorie counting isn’t quite my jam anymore. So, I’m moving FitWatch in a different direction.  Shutting down the tracker frees me up to go in this new direction full throttle.

In a way, I don’t even want to help people ”lose weight”.  What I want to do is show those who use food to make themselves feel better a different way of doing things.

It’s not a diet problem.

It’s not an exercise problem.

It’s a behaviour-change problem.

Please reach out if you have any questions!

~Coach Suzanne