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How Many Calories Do You Need to Eat to Lose Weight?

The amount of calories you need to eat in a day to lose weight depends on your Total Daily Calorie Needs and how much of a calorie deficit you want to create.

You want to eat fewer calories than you burn in a day. This way, your body burns energy from your fat stores.

Use this Calorie Deficit calculator to figure out how many calories to eat in a day.

Calorie Deficit Calculator



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Track Your Calories to Know How Many Calories You Eat In a Day

Losing weight and getting fit with the FitWatch Calorie Tracker is a simple three-step process. Set your goals, count your calories and track your progress.

1. Set Your Goals
Set All Kinds of Goals
Set your daily calorie goal, plus carb, fat and protein goals! Get faster results by setting short- and long-term weight loss goals! Set body fat percentage goals, too!

2. Count Your Calories
Count the Calories You Eat
Track your calories, carbs, protein, fat and more! Everything is automatically calculated for you!
Count the Calories You Burn
Know how many calories you burn in a day. See right away how it compares to the calories you're eating!

3. Track Your Progress
Track Your Stats
Track your weight and measurements to see how well you're doing. Track your body fat percentage to make sure you're burning fat!
Easy-to-Read Reports & Charts
Daily, weekly and monthly reports let you know how you're doing; spot bad habits and nip them in the bud!

7 Steps to Lose Weight By Counting Calories

Calorie counting can be a great way to help you with your weight loss! For many people, it's an eye-opening experience.
1) Calculate Your Calorie Deficit

Calculate your calorie deficit goal using the calculator at the top of the page. Your calorie deficit goals is the amount of food to eat each day to lose weight. It's calculated by using your BMR and activity level, and then subtracting a reasonable amount of calories to lose weight.

As a general rule of them, women should never go lower than 1200 calories a day; for men, not lower than 1800 calories a day.

2) Track Your Food Daily

Track the food you eat with FitWatch's free online calorie counter.

Create Your Free Calorie Counter Account

Or search for the calorie count of the foods and record the numbers on this printable food diary.

3) Compare the Numbers

Compare your total daily calories eaten against your calorie deficit goal. Check whether you're eating more or less than your calorie deficit goal.

4) Make Changes and Adjustments

If you're eating more than the goal, cut back on high calories foods that have no nutritional value (e.g.: junk food). Eat smaller portions and measure out your serving sizes.

5) Exercise Daily to Burn More Calories

Start exercising and keep track of how many calories you burn in a day. You can estimate the calories burned by searching the Exercise Database.

6) Track Your Progress

Track your progress and adjust when necessary, either lowering your goal or exercising more.

7) Listen to your body.

You should feel full of energy when losing weight. You shouldn't feel light-headed or tired. These may be signs you're not eating enough or over-exercising.

Learn more about how to count calories with this free, online calorie counting boot camp created by an ACE-certified Health Coach.

LEARN MORE - Free 28 Day Calorie Counting Bootcamp

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