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  1. Bacon and beef sticks
  2. Barbecue loaf, pork, beef
  3. Beef sausage, fresh, cooked
  4. Beef sausage, pre-cooked
  5. Beef, bologna, reduced sodium
  6. Beef, cured, corned beef, canned
  7. Beef, cured, dried
  8. Beef, cured, luncheon meat, jellied
  9. Beef, cured, pastrami
  10. Beef, cured, sausage, cooked, smoked
  11. Beef, cured, smoked, chopped beef
  12. Beef, cured, thin-sliced beef
  13. Beerwurst, beer salami, pork
  14. Beerwurst, beer salami, pork and beef
  15. Beerwurst, pork and beef
  16. Blood sausage
  17. Bockwurst, pork, veal, raw
  18. Bologna, beef
  19. Bologna, beef and pork
  20. Bologna, beef and pork, low fat
  21. Bologna, beef, low fat
  22. Bologna, chicken, pork
  23. Bologna, chicken, pork, beef
  24. Bologna, chicken, turkey, pork
  25. Bologna, pork
  26. Bologna, pork and turkey, lite
  27. Bologna, pork, turkey and beef
  28. Bologna, turkey
  29. Bratwurst, beef and pork, smoked
  30. Bratwurst, chicken, cooked
  31. Bratwurst, pork, beef and turkey, lite, smoked
  32. Bratwurst, pork, cooked
  33. Bratwurst, veal, cooked
  34. Braunschweiger (a liver sausage), pork
  35. Brotwurst, pork, beef, link
  36. BUTCHER BOY MEATS, INC., Turkey Franks
  37. CARL BUDDIG, Cooked Corned Beef, Chopped, Pressed
  38. CARL BUDDIG, Smoked Sliced Beef
  39. CARL BUDDIG, Smoked Sliced Chicken, light and dark meat
  40. CARL BUDDIG, Smoked Sliced Ham
  41. CARL BUDDIG, Smoked Sliced Turkey, light and dark meat
  42. CARL BUDDIG. Cooked Smoked Beef Pastrami, Chopped, Pressed
  43. Cheesefurter, cheese smokie, pork, beef
  44. Chicken breast, fat-free, mesquite flavor, sliced
  45. Chicken breast, oven-roasted, fat-free, sliced
  46. Chicken roll, light meat
  47. Chicken spread
  48. Chorizo, pork and beef
  49. Corned beef loaf, jellied
  50. Dutch brand loaf, chicken, pork and beef