About FitWatch

Suzanne, Founder of FitWatch.com ACE-certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach

Hi there! I’m Suzanne, the owner of FitWatch.com.

I created the FitWatch website to help you reach your weight loss goals — and keep the weight off — by giving you the know-how, tools and motivation to create healthy food and exercise habits you can live with for the rest of your life.

FitWatch is All About Eating Better, Moving More and Believing in Yourself

FitWatch helps you lose weight and get fit by encouraging you to:

  • Eat Better — by showing you different ways to eat a healthy and balanced diet to suit your lifestyle;
  • Move More — through a combination of cardio, strength training and stretching to help you burn excess fat, build muscle and increase your flexibility;
  • Believe in Yourself — by helping you understand your relationship with food and exercise, and through support and motivation.

Weight Loss is Not Just About “Being Fat”
Being overweight is not just about unhealthy, excess body fat: it’s about attitude; it’s about self-esteem; it’s about a lack of energy and realizing you’re in a rut. It’s about standing still (or worse, moving backwards) while life passes you by. It’s about not being able to do the things you want to do.

Eating better, moving more and believing in yourself is about moving forward and leading the life you deserve to live because you are more than just a number on the scale.

Check out the right-hand side of this page for ways to get started. Sign up for my free weekly newsletter, grab a free calorie tracker account and then get started on your weight loss journey with a list of the most popular FitWatch articles. I also have lots of calculators to get you started, too. It’s time to reinvent a new you!

Counting Calories the FitWatch Way

If you’ve never counted calories before, you’re in for an eye-opening experience! When you come right down to it, knowing how many calories you’re eating in a day is key to losing weight.

Sure, the quality of those calories is important for health. You want to get all your vitamins and minerals, right? But you can eat the healthiest of foods and still gain weight. And that’s because you ate more calories than your body could burn — so, your body stored the extra as fat.

You don’t have to count calories for the rest of your life! Try it for a few weeks and you’ll be aware of how many calories are in the foods you eat. And then you can make an informed decision when you sit down to eat.

How FitWatch Came About

FitWatch is the cumulation of many things, but mainly my own quest to find a web site that would satisfy all my needs. Some fitness sites only focused on "dieting" (lose 10 pounds by July 10th!) and would tell you what to eat. Still others focused on both nutrition and exercise but had no support forums, and were again telling you exactly what to do. And with some you would have to answer many questions before you could even find out how much they charge. Almost all didn't focus on self-improvement.

I wanted a web site that would give me basic information about fitness along with tools that I could use to analyze and track my fitness, and which would allow me to focus on improving myself emotionally and intellectually. A web site that would be transparent in its motives. Making money is not a bad thing and I have no problems with paying for services rendered, but don't try to take advantage of my vulnerabilities to do it!

By combining my programming skills with what I had learned about nutrition and exercise over the years, and by gathering information from reliable sources and staying completely away from anything that smacked of fad diets, FitWatch was born. I even became an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach so I could help you reach your goals.

I hope you find FitWatch.com a place to find support and motivation on your fitness journey.

Eat better, move more and believe in yourself,

President & CEO
FitWatch Inc.