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  1. Sushi Beef Roll (User Entry)
  2. Ah Medum Sushi (User Entry)
  3. Alaska Roll Sushi (User Entry)
  4. Assorted Sushi (5pc) (User Entry)
  5. Avocado And Schnitzel Sushi (User Entry)
  6. Brown Rice Sushi (User Entry)

  7. California Roll (sushi) (User Entry)
  8. California Roll - Sushi - 8 Rolls (User Entry)
  9. California Roll Sushi (User Entry)
  10. California Rolls (sushi) (User Entry)
  11. Cheese Salad + Oshi Sushi (User Entry)
  12. Cone Sushi (User Entry)
  13. Cream Cheese Sushi Roll (User Entry)
  14. Crunchy Roll (sushi) (User Entry)
  15. Crunchy Roll - Sushi (User Entry)
  16. Crunchy Spicy Shrimp Sushi (User Entry)
  17. Delux Sushi 6pc (User Entry)
  18. Dillon's Sushi (User Entry)
  19. Dragon Roll (sushi) (User Entry)
  20. Eel Roll (sushi) (User Entry)
  21. Eel Sushi (User Entry)
  22. Fullmoon Combo (sushi) (User Entry)
  23. Grilled Salmon Sushi Roll (8) (User Entry)
  24. Inari - Sushi (User Entry)
  25. Irishai Sushi (User Entry)
  26. King's Sushi 8pcs Broiled Eeel Roll (User Entry)
  27. Koshi Sushi - Californian (User Entry)
  28. Kroger Spicy Shrimp Brown Rice Sushi + Guesstimate (82012) (User Entry)
  29. Kroger Sushi Crunchy Crab Roll (User Entry)
  30. Maki Sushi (average All Types) (User Entry)
  31. Maki Sushi 8 Pc (User Entry)
  32. Multigrain Bento Sushi 9 Pce (User Entry)
  33. Nigiri Sushi (User Entry)
  34. Nigiri Sushi (average All Types) (User Entry)
  35. Nigiri Sushi 1 Pc (User Entry)
  36. Nigiri-sushi - Fish Wrapped Sushi (User Entry)
  37. Nigiri-sushi 2 Pieces (User Entry)
  38. Nigri Sushi (no Rice) (User Entry)
  39. Nori-maki Sushi (seaweed Wrapped) (User Entry)
  40. Pickled Salad Sushi Stuff/salty Soup (User Entry)
  41. Public Seaside Combo Sushi (User Entry)
  42. Publix California Sushi Rolls 12pc (User Entry)
  43. Publix Ocean Crab Sushi Rolls 12pc (User Entry)
  44. Publix Sushi-spicy Roll-12 Pc. (User Entry)
  45. Rainbow Roll (soma Sushi) (User Entry)
  46. Rainbow Roll (sushi) (User Entry)
  47. Raw Ginger/sushi Ginger (User Entry)
  48. Raw Salmon Sushi(2 Rolls) (User Entry)
  49. Rice - Sushi (1cp) (User Entry)
  50. Rice Paper Sushi With Chili Sauce - Schnuck's (User Entry)