Day 3


Today’s Mission
Here’s a list of today’s assignments. You’ll find more details down below!

  • Track the calories you eat without modifying your eating habits.
  • Push through the doubts by reading 7 Easy Weight Loss Motivation Strategies.
  • Learn about limiting beliefs.
  • Fill out the Daily Habits Awareness Worksheet at the end of the day.

Push Through the Doubts
There’s something I want to prepare you for ahead of time: at some point during this 28 Day Calorie Counting Boot Camp, you’ll probably want to give up. If you’ve tried to lose weight before, I bet you’ve gone through this, right?

There are many reasons why people lose their motivation for weight loss. I want you to read 7 Easy Weight Loss Motivation Strategies today, so you’ll have a plan in mind for when your weight loss motivation is low.

Log in to the tracker and read 7 Easy Weight Loss Motivation Strategies. While you’re reading it, take note of strategies you think will help you in the next few days and weeks when your motivation is low — especially if any of the situations mentioned sound familiar to you.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves
Another thing to watch out for over the next few weeks are the stories you tell yourself about why you can’t lose weight. Everybody does it. These “stories” are called limiting beliefs. You believe them to be true even though they have no basis in facts.

A typical limiting belief is: “No matter what I do, I can’t lose weight.” Sound familiar?

Here are seven typical stories we tell ourselves about why we can’t lose weight and what you can do to stop limiting yourself:

We’ll talk more about this on Day 4 when we look into weight loss self-sabotage (AKA “my inner critic never shuts up!”).

Daily Habits Awareness Worksheet (Week 1)
Don’t forget to fill out your Daily Habits Awareness worksheet!

Weight Loss Excuse Buster of the Day
I’m Afraid if I Start a Diet or Weight Loss Plan, I’ll Fail Miserably – Just Like Every Other Time!

Share the Experience
What stories/limiting beliefs do you tell yourself?

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