Day 1

  Remember, this week is all about learning and awareness!


Today’s Mission
Here’s a list of today’s assignments. You’ll find more details down below!

  • Track the calories you eat without modifying your eating habits.
  • Weigh yourself first thing in the morning — or choose one of the other ways to track your progress.
  • Come on over to Facebook, Twitter or Google + for support (or use the comments down below).
  • Fill out the Daily Habits Awareness Sheet at the end of the day.

Track Your Calories In
Track everything you eat today. It’s really best to measure things out unless you’re exceptionally good at estimating portion size.

You can read these two articles for more info on portion and serving size:

Track Your Progress
Weighing yourself today is optional. Not everyone wants to step on the scale. And that’s okay. You can also choose a different way to track your progress. Here are four ways to track your weight loss progress; you can use one method — or all four.

Daily Habits Awareness Worksheet (Week 1)
To make long-lasting changes to your eating habits, you need to be aware of those habits. At the end of each day, print out a Daily Habits Awareness Worksheet to fill out. Each week has a different worksheet, so be sure you’re printing out the right one.

You’ll find the Daily Habits Awareness Worksheet for Week 1 by logging into the tracker.

Be Patient
I know, I know. You want to lose weigh ASAP. But trust me. A few days longer won’t hurt. In fact, it will HELP. A recent study has shown that people who learn about weight loss first and then try to lose weight are more successful at losing weight.

Tracker Tips
Instead of entering each food separately, you can create custom foods “by recipe” in the tracker. If you frequently eat the same meals, you can combine the ingredients so you only have to make one food entry.

Example: Let’s say, you usually have a bowl of cereal with milk, plus a glass of OJ, for breakfast. You can create a custom food called My Cereal Breakfast (or whatever you want to call it) listing all the “ingredients” and add that as a food entry, instead of entering cereal, milk and orange juice separately.

  • Don’t track spices and herbs.
  • If you can’t find a food in the food database but have the label, create a custom food by label.
  • It’s always best to choose a food from the USDA database.

Weight Loss Excuse Buster of The Day

Your Excuse: I Find It So Hard to Be Motivated in The Beginning!

Share the Experience
Was there anything that surprised you today? Is tracking calories easier than you expected or a harder? What will you do differently tomorrow?

Comment down below or head over to Facebook, Twitter or Google +.

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