Day 4


You’re almost halfway through the first week; you’ve been doing — and learning — a lot of new things. Give yourself a round of applause!

Today’s Mission

  • Track your calories without changing your eating habits.
  • Read Weight Loss Self-Sabotage: 7 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight.
  • Fill out the Daily Self awareness worksheet at the end of day.

To follow up on yesterday’s motivation theme, today we’re going to talk about the ways we sabotage our own weight loss efforts.

Self-Sabotage Report
I have a special 10-page report that explores seven reasons why you self-sabotage your weight loss efforts. Log in to the tracker to read Weight Loss Self-Sabotage: 7 Surprising Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight. You’ll find tips for dealing with weight loss sabotage, plus a short questionnaire to help you discover other reasons why you sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Weight Loss Saboteurs
Not only do you have to deal with your own kind of craziness, but you have to deal with people around you who are weight loss saboteurs. Here are few tips to deal with them!

Daily Habits Awareness Worksheet (Week 1)
Don’t forget to fill out your Daily Habits Awareness worksheet!

Weight Loss Excuse Buster of the Day
Your Excuse: My Inner Critic Never Shuts Up!

In what ways do you sabotage your weight loss? Is there someone in your life who sabotages your weight loss efforts? Who’s your greatest supporter?

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