Junk Food & Overeating: Here's Why You Do It

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Smart marketing for a product isn't just about advertising. It's about creating services or goods that people can't live without -- or that they crave on a continual basis. This is exactly what food manufacturers consider when they create a product for you to eat. Their goal is for you enjoy it and overeat your normal consumption because that's more money in their pocket.

Fat and sugar and salt are the three main culprits that stimulate your brain to make you eat more. While you think you're just answering your hunger cues, in reality, your body is being over-stimulated to eat more than your body needs. Dr. David Kessler calls this phenomenon "Food Bliss" and he says the food industry knows exactly what they’re doing – the science behind the actions. This salt, fat and sugar combination can be deadly if your eating gets too out of control. Kessler says it isn’t each of the three ingredients on its own, but the mixture entangled with texture and colors – a whole package of culinary delight that makes you want to keep coming back for more (or we should say, too much).

Even advertising plays a role in making you overeat your favorite foods. Common food cravings include: soda, potato chips, hamburgers, candy bars, and more. Food manufacturers act innocent, too – claiming they’re just giving the people what they want. But you can bet they have a team of scientists or researchers onboard who understand the physical addiction they’re creating in your body when they sell a package of irresistible chocolate chip cookies! So how do you stop overeating your favorite foods? Well once you understand that your mind’s being over-stimulated, you have to start looking at your food on a different level.

Do you want to be manipulated like you currently are, or do you want to take control over your eating habits? Your body will still feel the insatiable desire for the fat, sugar, salt trio of goodness, but you can overpower it with your mind by simply watching your real hunger cues carefully. When you go reaching for food, decide whether or not you’re feeling true hunger in the pit of your stomach, or simply “mouth hunger” which could indicate you’re being snacky in nature, and simply craving the delectable flavors that food manufacturers have baited you with.

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