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  1. Alfalfa Seeds, Sprouted, Raw
  2. Amaranth Leaves, Raw
  3. Arrowhead, Raw
  4. Arrowroot, Raw
  5. Artichokes, (globe Or French), Raw
  6. Arugula, Raw

  7. Asparagus, Raw
  8. Balsam-pear (bitter Gourd), Leafy Tips, Raw
  9. Balsam-pear (bitter Gourd), Pods, Raw
  10. Bamboo Shoots, Raw
  11. Beans, Fava, In Pod, Raw
  12. Beans, Kidney, Mature Seeds, Sprouted, Raw
  13. Beans, Navy, Mature Seeds, Sprouted, Raw
  14. Beans, Pinto, Mature Seeds, Sprouted, Raw
  15. Beans, Snap, Green, Raw
  16. Beans, Snap, Yellow, Raw
  17. Beet Greens, Raw
  18. Beets, Raw
  19. Borage, Raw
  20. Broadbeans, Immature Seeds, Raw
  21. Broccoli Raab, Raw
  22. Broccoli, Flower Clusters, Raw
  23. Broccoli, Leaves, Raw
  24. Broccoli, Raw
  25. Broccoli, Stalks, Raw
  26. Brussels Sprouts, Raw
  27. Burdock Root, Raw
  28. Butterbur, (fuki), Raw
  29. Cabbage, Chinese (pak-choi), Raw
  30. Cabbage, Chinese (pe-tsai), Raw
  31. Cabbage, Common (danish, Domestic, And Pointed Types), Freshly Harvest, Raw
  32. Cabbage, Common (danish, Domestic, And Pointed Types), Stored, Raw
  33. Cabbage, Raw
  34. Cabbage, Red, Raw
  35. Cabbage, Savoy, Raw
  36. Cardoon, Raw
  37. Carrots, Baby, Raw
  38. Carrots, Raw
  39. Cassava, Raw
  40. Cauliflower, Green, Raw
  41. Cauliflower, Raw
  42. Celeriac, Raw
  43. Celery, Raw
  44. Celtuce, Raw
  45. Chard, Swiss, Raw
  46. Chayote, Fruit, Raw
  47. Chicory Greens, Raw
  48. Chicory Roots, Raw
  49. Chicory, Witloof, Raw
  50. Chives, Raw
  51. Chrysanthemum Leaves, Raw
  52. Chrysanthemum, Garland, Raw
  53. Collards, Raw
  54. Coriander (cilantro) Leaves, Raw
  55. Corn, Sweet, White, Raw
  56. Corn, Sweet, Yellow, Raw
  57. Cornsalad, Raw
  58. Cowpeas (blackeyes), Immature Seeds, Raw
  59. Cowpeas, Leafy Tips, Raw
  60. Cowpeas, Young Pods With Seeds, Raw
  61. Cress, Garden, Raw
  62. Cucumber, Peeled, Raw
  63. Cucumber, With Peel, Raw
  64. Dandelion Greens, Raw
  65. Dock, Raw
  66. Eggplant, Raw
  67. Endive, Raw
  68. Epazote, Raw
  69. Eppaw, Raw
  70. Fennel, Bulb, Raw
  71. Fiddlehead Ferns, Raw
  72. Fireweed, Leaves, Raw
  73. Garlic, Raw
  74. Ginger Root, Raw
  75. Gourd, Dishcloth (towelgourd), Raw
  76. Gourd, White-flowered (calabash), Raw
  77. Grape Leaves, Raw
  78. Horseradish-tree Leafy Tips, Raw
  79. Horseradish-tree, Pods, Raw
  80. Hyacinth-beans, Immature Seeds, Raw
  81. Jerusalem-artichokes, Raw
  82. Jew's Ear, (pepeao), Raw
  83. Jute, Potherb, Raw
  84. Kale, Raw
  85. Kale, Scotch, Raw
  86. Kohlrabi, Raw
  87. Lambsquarters, Raw
  88. Leeks, (bulb And Lower Leaf-portion), Raw
  89. Lemon Grass (citronella), Raw
  90. Lentils, Sprouted, Raw
  91. Lettuce, Butterhead (includes Boston And Bibb Types), Raw
  92. Lettuce, Cos Or Romaine, Raw
  93. Lettuce, Green Leaf, Raw
  94. Lettuce, Iceberg (includes Crisphead Types), Raw
  95. Lettuce, Red Leaf, Raw
  96. Lima Beans, Immature Seeds, Raw
  97. Lotus Root, Raw
  98. Mountain Yam, Hawaii, Raw
  99. Mung Beans, Mature Seeds, Sprouted, Raw
  100. Mushrooms, Brown, Italian, Or Crimini, Raw
  101. Mushrooms, Chanterelle, Raw
  102. Mushrooms, Enoki, Raw
  103. Mushrooms, Maitake, Raw
  104. Mushrooms, Morel, Raw
  105. Mushrooms, Oyster, Raw
  106. Mushrooms, Portabella, Exposed To Ultraviolet Light, Raw
  107. Mushrooms, Portabella, Raw
  108. Mushrooms, Shiitake, Raw
  109. Mushrooms, Straw, Canned, Drained Solids
  110. Mushrooms, White, Raw
  111. Mustard Greens, Raw
  112. Mustard Spinach, (tendergreen), Raw
  113. New Zealand Spinach, Raw
  114. Nopales, Raw
  115. Okra, Raw
  116. Onions, Raw
  117. Onions, Spring Or Scallions (includes Tops And Bulb), Raw
  118. Onions, Sweet, Raw
  119. Onions, Welsh, Raw
  120. Palm Hearts, Raw
  121. Parsley, Raw
  122. Parsnips, Raw
  123. Peas, Edible-podded, Raw
  124. Peas, Green, Raw
  125. Peas, Mature Seeds, Sprouted, Raw
  126. Pepper, Banana, Raw
  127. Pepper, Serrano, Raw
  128. Peppers, Hot Chili, Green, Raw
  129. Peppers, Hot Chili, Red, Raw
  130. Peppers, Hungarian, Raw
  131. Peppers, Jalapeno, Raw
  132. Peppers, Sweet, Green, Raw
  133. Peppers, Sweet, Red, Raw
  134. Peppers, Sweet, Yellow, Raw
  135. Pigeonpeas, Immature Seeds, Raw
  136. Pokeberry Shoots, (poke), Raw
  137. Potato, Flesh And Skin, Raw
  138. Potatoes, Raw, Skin
  139. Potatoes, Red, Flesh And Skin, Raw
  140. Potatoes, Russet, Flesh And Skin, Raw
  141. Potatoes, White, Flesh And Skin, Raw
  142. Pumpkin Flowers, Raw
  143. Pumpkin Leaves, Raw
  144. Pumpkin, Raw
  145. Purslane, Raw
  146. Radicchio, Raw
  147. Radish Seeds, Sprouted, Raw
  148. Radishes, Oriental, Raw
  149. Radishes, Raw
  150. Radishes, White Icicle, Raw
  151. Rutabagas, Raw
  152. Salsify, (vegetable Oyster), Raw
  153. Seaweed, Agar, Raw
  154. Seaweed, Irishmoss, Raw
  155. Seaweed, Kelp, Raw
  156. Seaweed, Laver, Raw
  157. Seaweed, Spirulina, Raw
  158. Seaweed, Wakame, Raw
  159. Sesbania Flower, Raw
  160. Shallots, Raw
  161. Soybeans, Green, Raw
  162. Soybeans, Mature Seeds, Sprouted, Raw
  163. Spinach, Raw
  164. Squash, Summer, All Varieties, Raw
  165. Squash, Summer, Crookneck And Straightneck, Raw
  166. Squash, Summer, Scallop, Raw
  167. Squash, Summer, Zucchini, Includes Skin, Raw
  168. Squash, Winter, Acorn, Raw
  169. Squash, Winter, All Varieties, Raw
  170. Squash, Winter, Butternut, Raw
  171. Squash, Winter, Hubbard, Raw
  172. Squash, Winter, Spaghetti, Raw
  173. Squash, Zucchini, Baby, Raw
  174. Succotash, (corn And Limas), Raw
  175. Swamp Cabbage, (skunk Cabbage), Raw
  176. Sweet Potato Leaves, Raw
  177. Sweet Potato, Raw, Unprepared
  178. Taro Leaves, Raw
  179. Taro Shoots, Raw
  180. Taro, Raw
  181. Taro, Tahitian, Raw
  182. Tomatillos, Raw
  183. Tomatoes, Green, Raw
  184. Tomatoes, Orange, Raw
  185. Tomatoes, Red, Ripe, Raw, Year Round Average
  186. Tomatoes, Yellow, Raw
  187. Turnip Greens, Raw
  188. Turnips, Raw
  189. Vinespinach, (basella), Raw
  190. Wasabi, Root, Raw
  191. Waterchestnuts, Chinese, (matai), Raw
  192. Watercress, Raw
  193. Waxgourd, (chinese Preserving Melon), Raw
  194. Winged Bean Leaves, Raw
  195. Winged Bean Tuber, Raw
  196. Winged Beans, Immature Seeds, Raw
  197. Yam, Raw
  198. Yambean (jicama), Raw
  199. Yardlong Bean, Raw
  200. Yautia (tannier), Raw