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  1. Abiyuch, Raw
  2. Acerola Juice, Raw
  3. Acerola, (west Indian Cherry), Raw
  4. Apples, Raw, With Skin
  5. Apples, Raw, Without Skin
  6. Apples, Raw, Without Skin, Cooked, Boiled

  7. Apples, Raw, Without Skin, Cooked, Microwave
  8. Apricots, Raw
  9. Avocados, Raw, All Commercial Varieties
  10. Avocados, Raw, California
  11. Avocados, Raw, Florida
  12. Bananas, Raw
  13. Blackberries, Raw
  14. Blueberries, Raw
  15. Breadfruit, Raw
  16. Carambola, (starfruit), Raw
  17. Carissa, (natal-plum), Raw
  18. Cherimoya, Raw
  19. Cherries, Sour, Red, Raw
  20. Cherries, Sweet, Raw
  21. Clementines, Raw
  22. Crabapples, Raw
  23. Cranberries, Raw
  24. Currants, European Black, Raw
  25. Currants, Red And White, Raw
  26. Custard-apple, (bullock's-heart), Raw
  27. Durian, Raw Or Frozen
  28. Elderberries, Raw
  29. Feijoa, Raw
  30. Figs, Raw
  31. Gooseberries, Raw
  32. Grapefruit Juice, Pink, Raw
  33. Grapefruit Juice, White, Raw
  34. Grapefruit, Raw, Pink And Red And White, All Areas
  35. Grapefruit, Raw, Pink And Red, All Areas
  36. Grapefruit, Raw, Pink And Red, California And Arizona
  37. Grapefruit, Raw, Pink And Red, Florida
  38. Grapefruit, Raw, White, All Areas
  39. Grapefruit, Raw, White, California
  40. Grapefruit, Raw, White, Florida
  41. Grapes, American Type (slip Skin), Raw
  42. Grapes, Muscadine, Raw
  43. Grapes, Red Or Green (european Type, Such As Thompson Seedless), Raw
  44. Groundcherries, (cape-gooseberries Or Poha), Raw
  45. Guavas, Common, Raw
  46. Guavas, Strawberry, Raw
  47. Jackfruit, Raw
  48. Java-plum, (jambolan), Raw
  49. Jujube, Raw
  50. Kiwifruit, Gold, Raw
  51. Kiwifruit, Green, Raw
  52. Kumquats, Raw
  53. Lemon Juice, Raw
  54. Lemon Peel, Raw
  55. Lemons, Raw, With Peel
  56. Lemons, Raw, Without Peel
  57. Lime Juice, Raw
  58. Limes, Raw
  59. Litchis, Raw
  60. Longans, Raw
  61. Loquats, Raw
  62. Mammy-apple, (mamey), Raw
  63. Mangos, Raw
  64. Melons, Cantaloupe, Raw
  65. Melons, Casaba, Raw
  66. Melons, Honeydew, Raw
  67. Mulberries, Raw
  68. Nectarines, Raw
  69. Oheloberries, Raw
  70. Orange Juice, Raw
  71. Orange Peel, Raw
  72. Orange-strawberry-banana Juice
  73. Oranges, Raw, All Commercial Varieties
  74. Oranges, Raw, California, Valencias
  75. Oranges, Raw, Florida
  76. Oranges, Raw, Navels
  77. Oranges, Raw, With Peel
  78. Papayas, Raw
  79. Passion-fruit Juice, Purple, Raw
  80. Passion-fruit Juice, Yellow, Raw
  81. Passion-fruit, (granadilla), Purple, Raw
  82. Peaches, Raw
  83. Pears, Asian, Raw
  84. Pears, Raw
  85. Persimmons, Japanese, Raw
  86. Persimmons, Native, Raw
  87. Pineapple, Raw, All Varieties
  88. Pineapple, Raw, Extra Sweet Variety
  89. Pineapple, Raw, Traditional Varieties
  90. Pitanga, (surinam-cherry), Raw
  91. Plantains, Raw
  92. Plums, Raw
  93. Pomegranates, Raw
  94. Prickly Pears, Raw
  95. Pummelo, Raw
  96. Quinces, Raw
  97. Raspberries, Raw
  98. Rhubarb, Raw
  99. Rose-apples, Raw
  100. Roselle, Raw
  101. Rowal, Raw
  102. Sapodilla, Raw
  103. Sapote, Mamey, Raw
  104. Soursop, Raw
  105. Strawberries, Canned, Heavy Syrup Pack, Solids And Liquids
  106. Strawberries, Frozen, Sweetened, Sliced
  107. Strawberries, Frozen, Sweetened, Whole
  108. Strawberries, Frozen, Unsweetened
  109. Strawberries, Raw
  110. Sugar-apples, (sweetsop), Raw
  111. Tamarinds, Raw
  112. Tangerine Juice, Raw
  113. Tangerines, (mandarin Oranges), Raw
  114. Watermelon, Raw