How to Break the High-Calorie Snack Habit

Do you struggle with an ingrained habit of munching on high-calorie foods while you are at home? There's an easy way to break this habit - and in fact, it can be kind of fun to do it.

Many weight loss plans encourage you to remove fattening, high-calorie foods from your home so you won't be tempted to eat them. However, if you live with other people this may not be possible. Besides, removing the foods completely is not really a good way to strengthen your willpower. Being able to turn them down while they are staring you in the face is the true test of strength, right?
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3 Weight Loss Goal Setting Tips

Goal setting for weight loss is an important activity if you want to reach your goal weight quickly and easily. But setting a general goal to "lose 25 pounds" is too vague to be effective. Below are three important tips that you should incorporate into your weight loss goal setting plans:
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Healthy Eating on Vacation: How to Stay on Track

When you go on vacation, you may find that it's extremely tempting to abandon your healthy eating habits and start eating everything in sight. Despite your best intentions to stick to a healthy eating plan, you may be lured in by the sights and scents of delicious restaurant meals, fast food, and rich, home-cooked meals prepared by well-meaning family members.

If you are planning a trip and you're worried about how to stick to a healthy eating plan on vacation, take a look at the helpful tips below.

Healthy Eating on Vacation Tips:
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3 Major Mistakes You Make Before Starting a Diet

Many people who start a diet (change their way of eating) are doomed to failure before they even get started. Most often this is due to a "negative diet mind-set" that they develop as they prepare to change their lifestyle habits. If you think this may apply to you, take a look at the three major mistakes that a negative diet mind-set often causes:
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Top 10 Power Tips for Fat Loss

When you want to lose weight, you may immediately think of starting a formal diet plan, but that's not always necessary - especially if you only have a few pounds to lose. The following 10 power tips can help you shed a few pounds easily without the need for a full-blown diet, and they can even be used if you have more than a few pounds to lose.
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How to Create a Weight Loss Goal Chart

A weight loss goal chart can be a great way to keep yourself firmly on track with your weight loss goals. Even better, it serves as a handy snapshot of your progress as you go along.

There are several ways to create a weight loss goal chart, but here is one simple way:
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3 Effective Weight Loss Exercise Tips

When you're trying to lose weight, everything you can do to make exercise easier and more efficient helps. If you've been struggling to make exercise a permanent part of your life, or if you are just starting a workout routine, take a look at these weight loss exercise tips to improve your results:
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3 Reasons to Focus on Fitness

When you want to lose weight, you may immediately start focusing on dietary changes like cutting calories, reducing portion sizes and eliminating junk food. These are all great changes that will indeed result in weight loss, but there's another factor to consider. For health purposes, it's wiser to focus on getting FIT rather than just losing weight. After all, it's possible to be thin and sickly, thin and weak, and thin and unhealthy, right?

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding fitness and weight loss:
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Boost Your Results with Interval Training

Interval training is the insertion of bursts of intense activity within a moderately paced workout.

For example, a jogger that breaks into a full-out sprint for 2-5 minutes, then slows back down to a jog for several minutes, then sprints again, and so on, doing this several times throughout the workout.

The purpose of interval training is to build strength, stamina and endurance more quickly than you would by performing a moderate paced workout alone.

Even if you aren't able to sustain intense levels of activity for extended periods of time, performing them for just a few minutes at a time followed by periods of recovery at a slower pace allows you to gradually build up endurance.

Interval training can be combined with virtually any kind of aerobic exercise, making it very versatile. However, there are a few key things to keep in mind:
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How to Keep a Positive Attitude About Weight Loss

Most people think that if they can just get their eating and exercise habits in line, they'll lose weight effortlessly and keep it off for good. What they often fail to realize is that their mental attitude plays a HUGE role in determining their physical actions day to day. See: How Your Mood Can Influence Your Weight

Consider for a moment what your mental attitude is usually like, especially as it pertains to the state of your body. Do you avoid taking the actions that you know would be good for you?Do you "beat yourself up" for eating poorly? Do you try to force yourself to eat right and exercise?

Developing a positive attitude about weight loss can make the process much easier! Rather than fighting an inner battle with yourself ("Have to do this; don't want to do this; this sucks; I hate exercise . . ."), you can develop the willingness - or even the enthusiasm - to stick to your weight loss plan and make the process virtually effortless.

Here are 6 good ways to start:
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