Are You Feeling Burned Out On Healthy Eating?

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Have you ever gotten so tired of healthy eating that you basically ran back to your previous unhealthy eating habits? Healthy eating can sometimes require willpower, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way. What’s the difference between a challenging healthy eating plan and a healthy eating plan that’s easy?

First, a healthy eating plan that includes plenty of really good-tasting, satisfying foods is definitely easier to stick to, wouldn’t you agree?

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone
If your healthy eating plan has you feeling less than inspired, it may be time to think about the “rules” you’re trying to follow. Are you allowed to have any foods you enjoy? Or are you forcing yourself to eat bland, boring foods? Why torture yourself like that? There are so many foods that are both healthy AND delicious! You just have to experiment and find some you really like.

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Slow Down, You Go Too Fast
Next, consider what your long-term goals are. Are you trying to lose weight? Trying to improve your health? Something else? Now consider whether you are trying to hurry those goals along by going overboard with your efforts. If that sounds like you, it may be time to change your thinking. Remind yourself that there’s no rush. The positive changes you are making will last longer if you go easy and allow a little more flexibility in your daily routine. No need to take extreme action; just small, manageable steps toward your goal each day.

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A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That
Finally, you may have gotten into a rut with your healthy eating habits. Do you eat the same things day in and day out? If so, start mixing it up a little bit! Try some new recipes, experiment with different kinds of fruit and vegetables, and even eat your meals and snacks at different times of the day. Anything you need to do to shake yourself out of a rut will be helpful. For that matter, make it a new habit to keep changing things up every week. That way you’ll never get bored with your routine.

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