Forget Bobby McFerrin: Eat Veggies, Be Happy

No disrespect to Bobby McFerrin, but he may need to change the title of his song from Don't Worry, Be Happy to Eat Veggies, Be Happy. A study of 80,000 people in Britain concluded that people who eat 7 servings of fruits and vegetables are the happiest.

The study looked at 80,000 individuals and used seven different methods to measure an individual's happiness. Seven servings of fruits and vegetable seemed to set free those bluebirds of happiness.

Don't eat enough fruits and veggies? Here's what you need to know to help you stop singin' them blues:
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Are You Feeling Burned Out On Healthy Eating?

Have you ever gotten so tired of healthy eating that you basically ran back to your previous unhealthy eating habits? Healthy eating can sometimes require willpower, but it certainly doesn't have to be that way. What's the difference between a challenging healthy eating plan and a healthy eating plan that's easy?
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Stress and Healthy Eating: Eat Your Way to Peacefulness

Stress has become a chronic problem for many people these days, and overeating is often the way that many people deal with stress. But did you know that healthy eating can actually help you reduce stress and enjoy a much more peaceful way of life? Below are 3 strategies for using healthy eating to reduce stress:

Stress and Healthy Eating Strategy #1
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Quality vs. Quantity -- Which One is Better for Fat Loss?

Despite what all the fad diets say, there are two basic rules when it comes to losing fat. The first rule is "calories in vs. calories out" -- meaning that you need to burn more calories than you eat if you want to lose weight. Taken by itself, what matters is not what you eat but how many calories you eat. The second rule is "quality over quantity" -- meaning the quality of the food you eat is much more important than the amount of calories you eat.

So, which rule is right? Or are they both right?
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Do You Eat These High Protein Diet Foods?

Protein is essential to the body for many reasons, including repairing and building muscle, strengthening the immune system, and promoting healthy heart function. Unfortunately, if you lose weight by reducing your calorie intake too low, you may not be getting enough protein and you'll end up losing muscle instead of fat. Most active adults require between 50 and 70 grams of protein daily.

If you don't get enough protein and you want to turn that around, take a look at this list of high protein diet foods:
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Healthy Eating Advantages - Why Should You Eat Healthy?

Weight loss is not just about seeing a smaller number on the scale or wearing clothes in a smaller size -- it's all about learning how to take better care of your body and improve your health. There are so many healthy eating advantages even beyond weight loss, however. Take a look at some of the biggest advantages below:

#1 - More energy.

Being undernourished makes you feel exhausted, weak, and sluggish. Having tons of energy and feeling strong is just one of many healthy eating advantages. Imagine waking up each morning and eagerly getting out of bed to start your day. Imagine having plenty of energy to carry you through the day, no matter how busy it is. Imagine going to bed each night feeling proud of all you accomplished during the day, and feeling like you still have energy to spare. By the way, your quality of sleep is better when you eat healthy too, so you wake up feeling refreshed instead of foggy-headed and still tired.
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Top 5 Healthy Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss

Virtually all fruit is beneficial as part of a healthy diet, but there are some that have higher concentrations of vitamins and nutrients. These "power fruits" are great for improving your health and encouraging healthy weight loss. Below is a list of the top 5 healthy fruits to eat for weight loss and general health:
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17 Healthy Eating Quotes to Keep You Motivated - Part I

Quotes are an excellent source of motivation and inspiration, especially when it comes to changing your lifestyle habits. Below you'll find 17 great healthy eating quotes to remind you why the changes you are making are so important.
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17 Healthy Eating Quotes to Keep You Motivated - Part II

In the first part of this article, we shared 9 great healthy eating quotes to inspire and motivate you in making positive lifestyle changes.  Below are 8 more, along with a few positive thoughts to help cement the concepts in your mind.
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Why High Fiber Foods should be Included in Your Diet

In our diets full of fast food and sugary snacks, it's hard to find foods that are actually good for you. If you want to be healthier and feel better, then you should try adding fiber to your diet.
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