3 Ways to Avoid Boredom in Your Diet Plan

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With most weight loss plans, there is a real danger of getting bored with the food choices. Somehow unhealthy food is so much more exciting, isn't it? Hmm, a fresh green salad, or a big plate of fried chicken with all the fixings? No question as to which makes your mouth water more! Obviously, if you want to stick to a healthy eating plan for the rest of your life, you've got to find ways to make your meals and snacks as exciting and tantalizing as your former guilty pleasures. But how?

Below are three great ways to spice up your meals on a weight loss plan:

Creative New Snacks

Do you always eat the same things for snacks? A hard-boiled egg, a piece of fruit, a few crackers with peanut butter, rice cakes - those are all great diet snacks, but if you eat them every single day you'll quickly tire of them. Instead, think outside of the box for snacks. A snack is really just a mini-meal. Here are a few good ideas for healthy, low-calorie snacks: a cup of vegetable soup and a few whole grain crackers; turkey and low-fat cheese roll-ups dipped in mustard; baby spinach leaves in vinegar; a fruit smoothie; sliced cucumber smeared with spicy hummus. Hint: browse through a large free recipe website in the appetizer section and you'll find tons of great ideas for snacks (you may have to adjust them to reduce calories).

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Try a New Vegetable Each Week

There are so many delicious vegetables that you've probably never heard of, let alone tried. Visit the produce section of your local supermarket and really look around at what's available. Make a list of vegetables you've never tried, and then make it a habit to try a new one each week. If you aren't sure how to prepare it, you can probably find out online.

Do the same thing with fruit; try a new one each week. (For that matter, you can do the same thing with all food groups, trying new seafood and fish, meat, different kinds of poultry, grains, bread, cheese, and so on.)

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Try New Beverages

Many of us get into a rut with our beverage choices, always drinking the same brand of tea, coffee, soda, juice, and bottled water. Expand your horizons by trying new beverages. Read labels to be sure the calories and sugar aren't too high, of course. But there are dozens of flavored teas you can try, flavored coffees, low-fat flavored coffee creamer, sparkling water, flavored sparkling water, and even diet sodas for a little variety (don't go overboard on artificially sweetened beverages either; they can be just as addictive as sugary drinks).

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See how easy it is to keep your meals and snacks interesting? Just be willing to try new things and you'll find endless ways to keep spicing up your meal plan day after day.

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