7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Losing Interest

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Dieting is hard and it takes some dedication.  Losing interest is the number one reason why most diets fail and we often end up back where we started or worst still putting on a few pounds than we had in the beginning. Diets are ok but they leave a lot to be desired when they restrict you and what you can eat, simply not being able to have something, means that you crave it all the more. Here are the top ways to lose a few pounds without losing interest. 1)  Instead of cutting out all the foods that you love try to eat lower calorie versions of them, for instance almost all types of food including the most fattening ones such as pizza now come in low calories versions. Go for the low fat and low sugar versions; while they won’t taste exactly the same as the normal varieties it is better than totally denying yourself your favorite foods.  Just make sure the low fat version isn’t loaded with sugar.

2) If you love eating out then the chances are that the portion sizes you are eating are far too big, bigger portions means more calories and more calories means putting on the pounds if you`re not careful. An easy way to combat this is to share a portion with your spouse or friend, not only will this save you some precious calories but it will also save you some money. If you feel you cannot share the main meal then try sharing dessert at least.

3) Never think of exercise as being exercise, for some people the mere thought of exercise is enough to put them off ever getting started doing it. Instead, look at it a different way.  For example, you could go swimming or walking with a friend and think of it as just a pastime.

4) Instead of thinking about your diet as having to deny yourself foods think of it differently, try adding foods, by this you shouldn’t interpret adding a new kinds of fattening food, but instead add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. When people think of diets they think of having to go without, so physiologically you can do a lot of good by telling yourself you are adding instead of taking away.

5) If you don’t like the idea of exercise then just go walking whenever you can, walking is a great form of exercise and many people don’t class it as exercise. Tricks to walking more include: getting off the bus one stop earlier than you normally would, parking your car at the back of the shopping mall parking lot or walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. 6) Before your main meal drink one or two glasses of water at least 25 minutes before you plan to sit down to eat.

7) Keep yourself busy, if you have time on your hands then you have more chance to nibble, by keeping busy you have less time to think about whether you are hungry or not.

Above all be patient when it comes to losing weight, don’t try to lose too much weight all at once and realize that once you have lost the weight you will have to change your lifestyle to ensure you don’t put it all back on.

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