3 Simple Ways to Make Weight Loss Fun

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Let’s face it; losing weight is hard work, and often not very fun. There’s the bland, boring meals, grueling workouts, deprivation, and temptation around every corner. As if that weren’t enough, you often feel like you have to avoid gatherings and events that you used to think were fun, simply because you don’t want to torture yourself with all of the good food and alcoholic beverages that you can no longer have.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to make weight loss fun and easy – it doesn’t always have to be such a huge downer. Below are some easy ways to start changing your perception of dieting and exercise so they seem less like a chore and more like something you can happily manage.

Re-frame your perception of healthy.

The first thing to do is stop seeing dieting and exercise as boring, unpleasant, irritating, and depressing. Instead, start thinking of a healthy lifestyle as being fun, challenging (in a good way), and rewarding. When you shop for healthy foods each week, take your time and try to choose foods that you know you love, while also being willing to try new ones that look good. Browse through the produce section and marvel at all the colors and scents of fresh produce. Find a health food store near you and see what they’ve got that your normal supermarket may not.

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Look forward to trying healthy new recipes each week and changing your workout routines regularly so you don’t get bored. Experiment with different exercises that you might enjoy like roller-blading, dancing, boxing, and martial arts. If you simply stop resisting the positive changes mentally and emotionally, you’ll probably start to enjoy them.

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Plan ahead for social events.

You don’t have to avoid social gatherings because you are dieting. In fact, it will do you a lot of good to go – but plan ahead. Eat a salad before you leave for a party so you won’t feel as tempted by the fattening foods on display. Most parties will include at least a vegetable or fruit platter; take full advantage of these. If you feel like you must eat some of the higher calorie foods, try just a bite or two and leave it at that. Focus most of your attention on the other people at the gathering. Position yourself away from the food so you won’t keep nibbling. Sip seltzer water with lemon or lime; or limit yourself to one alcoholic beverage if you really want one.

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Keep reminding yourself of your “why”.

Why is it so important for you to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle? Make a long list of reasons why you want to be healthier, including vanity reasons, as well as health reasons, and reasons that affect other people in your life (like being there for your kids and grandkids). Read this list and add more reasons to it often. Affirm that the minor sacrifices you are making now are well worth it for all you gain! When you focus regularly on these deep desires, eventually passing up a donut or pizza just doesn’t seem like a big deal. You’ll develop a more balanced perspective that allows you to bypass them easily, or at least indulge a little without overdoing it.

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Making weight loss fun is really about changing your mindset. When you change your mindset from “I don’t want to do this” to “I’m enjoying this process” it becomes much easier to make positive changes permanent.

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