4 Different Ways to Lose Weight Without Following a Diet Plan

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When most of us think about losing weight, we immediately start thinking about counting, weighing, measuring and otherwise following a strict “program” that will result in weight loss.

Now, I’m a big fan of calorie counting—and it works great for me—but I realize it’s not for everybody.  Losing weight doesn’t have to be that regimented - it’s very possible to lose weight just by making a few small changes to your overall lifestyle.

Here are four different ways to lose weight without following a diet plan:

1) Increase your activity level.

Just by getting more active each day you can burn quite a few more calories and lose weight steadily.  If you don’t already have a daily workout routine, you can think about starting one, or if that seems like too much to begin, you can simply start adding small bursts of activity to your daily life as it is right now.

Things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, cleaning out your garage, repainting your house, or doing some minor landscaping in your yard are easy ways to burn more calories and lose a few pounds.

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2) Change how much you eat.

It’s not always necessary to avoid certain foods and stick only to “diet” foods to lose weight.  You can easily just reduce the amount of food you eat at each meal and snack, and drop several pounds a month by doing so.  If you normally fill your plate full of food at each meal, start by reducing the amount of food you take by 20%.  If you usually eat 4 or 5 slices of pizza, see how you feel after just two.  Little by little you can change your eating habits and train yourself to be satisfied with less.

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3) Change what you eat.

You can also start eating better quality foods without necessarily following a diet plan.  Replace white bread with whole grain, pasta with beans, and dairy products with skim varieties.  Gradually reduce your intake of sweets and replace them with fresh fruit.  Start drinking more water than soda or sweetened tea and coffee.  It’s very possible to make small changes and enjoy great results from them.

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4) Change the WAY you eat.

If you tend to eat quickly, try slowing down and taking your time.  If you eat meals while watching television, try sitting at the table and turning off the TV.  If you tend to gulp your food, start chewing each bite completely before swallowing.

Little changes like this can help you overhaul habits that prevent you from losing weight, and they may even inspire you to start making bigger changes over time.

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