How to Get More Veggies Into Your Diet to Lose Weight

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Vegetables are a veritable powerhouse for those on a diet.  Low in calories but full of fiber—not to mention vitamins and mineral—vegetables play an important part in your weight loss plan.  But, for a lot of people, it can be tough to get in your daily servings.

Believe me, I understand it’s easier to just cook up some spaghetti or pop a frozen pizza into the oven. Who wants to clean and cut up vegetables, right? You should try to get past that mindset, though, because your mother was right:  vegetables are good for you!

Here are six tips for getting more vegetables into your diet.

1. Make it easy. Buy frozen vegetables that you simply have to boil. Make it even easier by purchasing the brands that allow you to steam it right in the bag. You should also consider pre-cutting your vegetables, which makes it much easier to throw together a salad or a healthy snack of vegetables with hummus.  Take some time on a Sunday afternoon, cut up all your veggies and put them in containers for the rest of the week.

2. Eat at least one vegetable with every meal, including snacks. Add some spinach to a smoothie (!) or veggies to your omelet. Have a salad at lunch and steamed vegetables as a side dish with your dinner. For a snack, put a dollop of cottage cheese on cucumber slices.

3. Try new recipes. A fear of the unknown causes us to not eat our vegetables. Make a commitment to try at least one new recipe each week, something that highlights a particular vegetable.

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4. Join a food co-op. In some areas, you can join a group where you pay one monthly price and every week you get a box filled with fresh vegetables. This is a great way to try new vegetables that you may not have picked out at the store. Because you paid for it, you’ll be more likely to use it.

5. Drink your veggies. A juicer can help you to incorporate more veggies into your life. If you’re not a big fan of the taste of vegetables, you can easily mask the taste by blending vegetables with fruit juices.

6. Add spinach into a sandwich.  I do this all the time!  I buy pre-washed baby spinach and add it into any sandwich I eat.  Slap on a few sliced tomatoes for an extra vitamin boost. (Yes, I know, a tomato is not really vegetable!)

As you begin to eat more vegetables, you’ll start to notice changes in your body, including better skin and hair, increased feeling of fullness, and just plain feeling better. The better you start to feel, the more vegetables you’ll want to eat.

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