End Emotional Overeating: Get to the Root Cause

When your emotions cause you to overeat, your life can seem out of control and the pounds continue spiraling upward. You may feel that you simply don't have the willpower to overcome the problem. Your self-esteem and self-confidence may have eroded to the point where you're withdrawing from those you love and you don't feel like going out to have fun.

Sometimes emotional overeating occurs because of certain "triggers" that make you crave certain foods (usually the ones that are loaded with high carbohydrates and sugar) and mindlessly binge on them until you can't eat another bite. Chronic overeating is an addiction just like the ones we're used to hearing about -- drugs, alcohol and even sex.
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How to Get More Veggies Into Your Diet to Lose Weight

Vegetables are a veritable powerhouse for those on a diet. Low in calories but full of fiber -- not to mention vitamins and mineral -- vegetables play an important part in your weight loss plan. But, for a lot of people, it can be tough to get in your daily servings.

Believe me, I understand it's easier to just cook up some spaghetti or pop a frozen pizza into the oven. Who wants to clean and cut up vegetables, right? You should try to get past that mindset, though, because your mother was right: vegetables are good for you!

Here are six tips for getting more vegetables into your diet.
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How To Stick to Your Diet When Eating Out

One of the biggest difficulties people have with dieting is figuring out what to do when eating out. Some people quit their diet altogether because they can't stick to it with their busy schedule.

But you can eat out and stick to your diet. It just takes a little planning ahead to make sure you get the food you need to stay on your plan.

Whether you find yourself at a restaurant, a fast-food joint or a party, use these strategies to stick to your game plan!
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How Eating More Often Can Help You Eat Less

Three square meals a day is so passe nowadays. The "secret" to curb cravings and burn fat faster is to keep your blood sugar level by eating smaller meals more frequently. In today's world of desk jobs and driving everywhere instead of walking, it doesn't make sense to eat big meals three times a day. You're not going to burn up those calories right away -- they're going to be stored as fat instead! It's better to break up the calories you eat into 5 or 6 meals -- or, at the very least, 3 medium meals and 2 to 3 snacks.

Here are two ways eating more often can help you to eat less:
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