How To Stick to Your Diet When Eating Out

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One of the biggest difficulties people have with dieting is figuring out what to do when eating out.  Some people quit their diet altogether because they can’t stick to it with their busy schedule.

But you can eat out and stick to your diet.  It just takes a little planning ahead to make sure you get the food you need to stay on your plan.

Whether you find yourself at a restaurant, a fast-food joint or a party, use these strategies to stick to your game plan!

Eating Out at a Restaurant

Here are a few tips for eating out at a sit-down restaurant:
  • Decide what you’ll eat before you get to the restaurant
  • Look on the menu for healthier selections – many restaurants have special diet menus
  • Choose grilled food over fried food
  • Ask for steamed vegetables
  • Skip the bread basket
  • Resist the urge to eat everything on your plate – stop when you’re satisfied
  • Split a meal with someone else
  • Opt for water to drink with your meal
  • If you have dessert, choose a small serving if on the menu or split it
  • Choose whole grain pasta and bread if available

People are more health-conscious when it comes to eating out these days.  Most major restaurant chains have developed menus for lighter fare.  You can use these to help you make choices without having to think too much. 

Eating Out at a Fast-Food Joint

If you’re on the go and you spend a lot of time eating fast food, you’ll need to be prepared to choose healthy options.  Here are some tips for fast food restaurants when you’re on a diet:
  • Get grilled food instead of fried food
  • Drink water with your meal; skip  the soda, even the diet soda
  • Ask for a side salad or fruit instead of fries
  • Ask for food to be prepared without dressings, you can add your own instead
  • Choose smaller portions – don’t super size
  • Try getting a kids meal

When you plan ahead for fast food, you can eat on the go and still stick to your diet.  Most fast food restaurants now have choices for people who are trying to watch their weight or health.

Eating Out at a Party

Another situation you may encounter is attending a party.  Many people fear that they won’t be able to attend parties that are focused on food.  But there are ways to survive when you attend a party.  For example:
  • Offer to bring a dish that is on your diet
  • Eat before you go to the party so that you’re not starving when you get there
  • Look for items such as fresh veggies and fruits
  • Eat small portions of higher calorie foods
  • Drink water instead of sodas or mixed drinks
  • Skip the cake – or have half a slice
  • Don’t fast all day and then binge at the party – eat your regular meals so that you don’t overindulge
  • Focus on friendships and socializing rather than food

Parties don’t have to be miserable experiences where you feel deprived and unable to participate.  And you don’t have to skip them altogether.  Just plan ahead so that you can make healthy choices.

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