How to Train Yourself to Eat Less

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Like most bad habits, overeating can quickly get out of control. It becomes automatic to reach for a second helping, even if you are no longer hungry after finishing the first serving. To lose weight and keep it off, it’s crucial to train yourself to eat less. But how do you do that without feeling deprived?

Here are three good strategies for training yourself to eat less, painlessly:

First, train yourself to take smaller portions.

That’s where most of us go wrong from the start, by using a large dinner plate and filling every bit of available space with food. That’s a sure recipe for overeating if there ever was one. Rather than using a large dinner plate, use a smaller dessert plate. Take only one small serving of each food you intend to eat. You can take larger servings of low calorie foods like salad and vegetables – use a separate plate for those if necessary.

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Next, train yourself to eat slowly.

Gulping down your food too quickly is another sure way to eat more than your body really needs. When you slow down and enjoy every bite, you feel satisfied with less food. Be sure to chew each bite completely and pause for a few seconds before you take another bite. Doing this through your entire meal will absolutely encourage you to eat far less than you normally would.

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Finally, be sure to leave the table after eating one serving.

If you keep sitting at the table with serving dishes right in front of you, you are much more likely to keep going back for more. If you’re worried that you can’t leave the table until your dining companions have finished, that’s where eating slowly comes in handy as well! They can eat 2-3 servings in the time it takes you to eat one, so you shouldn’t be sitting at the table for much longer than it takes to eat your one serving of food.

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One last helpful tip to train yourself to eat less: if you do feel hungry even when using the above strategies, drink a full glass of water before and after each meal. That should help minimize any hunger pangs until your stomach gets used to being satisfied with less food.

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