How to Make Your Diet Wildly Exciting

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Not many of us actually enjoy being on a diet.  It can be annoying having to eliminate foods we enjoy eating and eat foods we really don’t enjoy eating.  Blah.  Most of us would agree that the sacrifices are worth the payoff in the end, but knowing there is a payoff still doesn’t make the process any more enjoyable.

What if you could take that “no pain, no gain” attitude and toss it right out the window?  What if there was a way to actually ENJOY your diet?

There is one “ingredient” you can add to any diet that will immediately spice it up and make it more exciting: PASSION.

Feelings of passion make everything more exciting, right? 

Here are four easy ways to make your diet passionate: #1 - Passionate shopping

Rather than schlepping to the supermarket with your list of boring “allowed” foods, why not take the time to really explore the delicious, nutritious foods that are available?  Browse through the produce section like a kid in a candy store: “Ooh, look at those delicious red tomatoes!  Mmm, these peppers smell divine!  Can’t wait to bite into this juicy apple…”  Thanks to modern conveniences we have access to endless varieties of foods from all around the world - get excited about that!

#2 - Passionate food preparation

Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you have to eat bland food.  Seek out some recipes that really get your juices flowing.  Experiment with various spices and seasonings.  Prepare your food in ways that are appealing by sight, scent and taste.

#3 - Passionate atmosphere

Create a stimulating atmosphere for every meal.  Whip out the fine china and crystal glassware.  Light candles.  Play soft music.  Make your meals as enjoyable as possible, just like you would if you were eating the most delectable food ever.

#4 - Passionate eating

While you are enjoying your delicious meals, be sure to savor each bite.  Eat slowly, really paying attention to the flavors, sights and scents of your food.  Forbid negativity to taint your meals - don’t watch television or speak of negative issues in any way while you eat.  No arguing with loved ones either!  Declare meal time a time for enjoyment in every way.

These simple things can make all the difference in the way you view your diet - and they can even strengthen your commitment to stick with it until you reach your goal because you are much more likely to continue doing something if you really enjoy it!

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