10 Important Reasons to Get Rid of Belly Fat

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Belly fat has become very common sight to see in our modern-day, super-sized-meals world.  While most of us are not exactly shooting for six pack abs, a flatter belly can go a long way to keeping you healthy.  It’s not just about looking good!

Here are ten important reasons to get rid of your belly fat for good:

Hidden, visceral fat

It’s not just the surface fat that you should worry about, it’s the deeper fat stores that form in and around your internal organs.  This is called visceral fat and it can cause some serious health problems if it isn’t reduced.

High blood pressure

People with more fat around the middle tend to be more prone to developing high blood pressure, which puts them at higher risk for heart attack and stroke.

High cholesterol and triglycerides

Elevated levels of cholesterol and triglycerides also raises your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Type II diabetes

People with significant stores of belly fat may also have elevated levels of insulin.  Over time, insulin resistance can develop, and eventually Type II diabetes.


All right, let’s move on to less life-threatening reasons.  Comfort!  If you have a big belly, it’s not easy to bend over, tie your shoes, or just move around on a daily basis.  You’re constantly squeezing in behind the wheel of your car, into restaurant booths, and behind seat belts that were designed for a smaller waistline.

Deeper breaths

With a lot of fat on your abdomen, your diaphragm and lungs can’t expand as fully as they would be able to normally, so you may end up feeling short of breath a lot.  Just losing 10% to 20% of your body weight, especially from the stomach area, can have a huge impact on how you feel, and how you breathe.

Shopping ease

Having to buy larger size clothing to accommodate your belly fat (and perhaps fat elsewhere too) can be really frustrating, not to mention more expensive if you have to move into plus size or big and tall sizes.  You may have to travel farther to shop at stores that carry larger sizes rather than stores closer to you.

Increased energy

Losing weight in general can give you a ton more energy, but this is especially true with belly fat if you are carrying quite a lot of it.  Carrying all that excess weight is draining and can make you feel fatigued - not to mention the emotional drain of feeling unattractive.

Fewer aches and pains

Speaking of carrying extra weight, having a larger belly puts more of a strain on your back.  Did you know that your abdominal muscles help your back muscles in keeping your body upright?  What happens when your stomach muscles are out of shape so they can’t support you as well?  More strain is placed on your back, resulting in back aches and other pains all over, like in your knees, hips and feet.


Let’s face it; when you feel fit and slim, you just feel more confident!  You don’t have to worry about whether your stomach “rolls” are showing; you don’t have to shop for baggy shirts to hide your gut; and you can wear clothes that make you feel great.

With a slim, flat belly you just feel good about yourself, like you can do and be anything you want in life - and in fact you can live a longer life with less risk of serious diseases.  These reasons alone should be incredibly motivating for you if you are ready to get rid of your belly fat for good.

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