5 Belly Fat Busting Diet Tips

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When you’re battling weight loss, the most important components are often diet and exercise and goals/motivation.  But for some body types it’s important to customize your diet to lose belly fat.  Belly fat can be stubborn and accumulates around the middle.  This is the unhealthiest place to store fat, but unfortunately it’s very common.

There are several things you can do to use your diet to lose belly fat.  Using the right blend of dietary components can bring you the best success.  Of course you’ll want to cut down on calories if you’re overeating, but it matters what kinds of calories you do eat.

Here are 5 belly fat busting changes you can make to your diet/way of eating:

1) Fiber -  It’s important that you eat foods with plenty of fiber.  This includes whole grain bread and pastas as well as fruits and vegetables.  These foods help you to get the nutrients you need and they also help you to digest food properly. Many people feel bloated because they’re not eliminating waste properly.  When you eat a lot of fiber, you help to shrink your waistline.

2) Bad Carbs -  Simple carbohydrates such as cookies, white bread, white pasta, and candy can cause you to put on weight fast.  They are foods that are stripped of their nutritional quality and are full of empty calories.  By limiting these foods you’ll be able to diet to lose belly fat.

3) Water - You also need to drink plenty of water and decrease your salt intake.  Too much salt and dehydration can cause you to become bloated.  Frequently, bloating can make your abdomen feel even larger in addition to the belly fat you may have.  You’ll also be able to flush fat out of your system when you continuously drink water and keep your cells hydrated.

4) Alcohol - Eliminating alcohol from your diet is also a way to use your diet to lose belly fat.  Alcohol is high in calories and is basically a form of liquid sugar.  Even more so, the chemical structure of alcohol and its process in the body actually promotes the accumulation of belly fat.  That’s where the term “beer belly” comes from.

5) Protein - When it comes to protein you should choose fish over red meat as often as possible.  The mono-unsaturated fat in seafood can help you to eliminate cholesterol and shrink belly fat.  Taking a cue from the Mediterranean diet, you can eat plenty of seafood and olive oil and use your diet to lose belly fat.  A recent study showed that following the Mediterranean diet popular in the area of the world helps to shrink belly fat and improve heart health.

Excess belly fat is turning out to be more serious than fat in other areas of the body.  While you may not revel in the fat that’s on your hips, thighs, butt, and arms these areas don’t pose a major threat to your health.  But fat around the middle of your waist does seem to pose a health risk.  So, make an effort to decrease your belly fat!

For more detailed information on changes you can make to your diet, here’s a free ebook:  “Insider’s Secrets for a Lean Body.”  (Right-click to save it to your computer.  Feel free to pass it along to your family and friends!)

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