What Is a Normal Body Fat Percentage?

You look down at your stomach and give it a pinch. You think to yourself, I wonder what my body fat percentage is, and I wonder if it's normal. I can't tell you how many body fat tests I've given to my clients over the years and the conversation starts out something like this:

Danny: "Mary, you're body fat is at 21.7%."

Mary, looking at me a little confused: "Okay. Is that normal?"
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5 Ways to Burn More Calories Walking

Going for a walk is one of the easiest ways you can start incorporating fitness into your life and make progress towards your weight loss goals. It's easy to do and very low impact, making it a great option for almost everyone. Walking not only can help you lose weight, it also has the added benefit of lowering blood pressure, decreases your risk for type 2 diabetes, and releases endorphins.

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that healthy adults get 150 minutes of moderately-intense aerobic activity over 3-5 sessions. Walking is the perfect way to fulfill this recommendation. Here are five ways you can burn more calories while walking:
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How Many Calories Do You Need to Lose Weight?

If you've ever wanted to scream in frustration when you hear someone say, "Weight loss is just about calories in and calories out - it's really pretty simple," you're not alone. Many fitness experts try to pass weight loss off as an easily attainable feat, but chances are you're not buying their claims. If it were true, wouldn't everyone be thin and svelte?

The fact is, the "calories in, calories out" equation IS simple. If you consistently consume fewer calories than you body uses, you will lose weight. The problem is that applying this equation to real life is not always cut-and-dry.
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5 Surprising Facts about Ideal Body Weight

We all want to feel good in our own skin. And so we shoot for that magical number on the scale. But what exactly does the number mean? Is some chart's ideal body weight really your ideal body weight? Here are a few facts about body weight you just may find surprising.
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Ideal Body Weight Chart - Should You Use One?

One question I hear a lot is, "What's my ideal body weight?" For the longest time, people would look at a body weight chart, filled with heights and weights, to figure out if they were in a healthy weight range. The problem with those kinds of charts is that they don't tell the whole story. What's more important than your weight is your body fat percentage -- and where you carry your extra fat.
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How Many Glasses of Wine Are You REALLY Drinking? [VIDEO]

When you're having a "glass" of wine, you may drinking a lot more than you realize. Liquid calories can add up! Watch this video to see what a real "glass" of wine should be. (Transcript available below the video.)
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5 Ways to Eat Less without Feeling Deprived

One of the best ways to drop the extra pounds is to reduce the amount of food you eat, especially if you tend to overeat. If you're used to eating more, then eating less may not be that easy. If you try to reduce your food by too much -- or too fast -- you'll end up feeling hungry and deprived. Here are 5 ways to eat less without feeling deprived:
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How to Set SMART Weight Loss Goals

When it comes to setting weight loss goals, most people just do the bare minimum of setting a goal to "lose weight." What happens with such a flimsy goal is that it gets blown out of the water at the sight of a glazed doughnut. There's no meaning or purpose to the goal. There's nothing memorable about it. It just won't "stick" in your brain.

Some people state a simple weight loss goal. "Lose 25lbs." That's a bit better but it doesn't really have much to sink your teeth into, does it?

If you want to set yourself up for success, you need to set a SMART goal. I'm going to show you how to make a SMART weight loss goal -- and I'm going to show you some "tricks to make it stick."
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Make Spinach Your Go-To Veggie!

Spinach is like a "super food" when it comes to good health, and spinach and weight loss are equally well-matched. Spinach contains a lot of fiber and it's loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Spinach has very few calories, so you can enjoy a lot of it without going over your calorie count for the day. Best of all, there are so many ways to enjoy spinach!

Here are a few good ideas to get you started:
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How to Organize Your Kitchen for Weight Loss Success

You probably know that being focused is crucial for successful weight loss, and this applies to much more than your mental state. If your outer environment is cluttered and disorganized, you will have a much harder time taking the right actions to stay on track.

To this end, having a very organized, functional kitchen will help a lot! You'll be able to see clearly which ingredients you have, and which ones you need to buy. You will have all of the equipment you need to prepare healthy, delicious meals, without feeling frustrated because it's taking so long.

Here's how to best organize your kitchen for weight loss success:
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