Two Eating Strategies That Trump Every Single Diet in the World

Have you ever started a new diet only to find yourself falling off of it a few weeks later? Learn two strategies to trump all diets!
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5 Signs Your Sleep Habits Aren't Working for You [INFOGRAPHIC]

A good night’s sleep can help you make better decisions during the day to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.
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Beginner Yoga Classes: How to Start Practicing Yoga at Home

Beginner yoga can be intimidating.  Learn how to start yoga at home with these tips and links to great beginner yoga sites.
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How Can I Lower My Body Fat Percentage?

The best way to reduce your body fat is by creating a calorie deficit through healthy eating and exercise. A calorie deficit means eating fewer calories than your body burns in day.
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How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

We cringe when we see our bellies spilling out over jeans, but belly fat can also harm your  health.  Here’s my 5 step plan to get rid of belly fat.
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Dead Butt Syndrome: How to Wake Up Your Butt and Get it Moving Again

Yup, dead butt syndrome is a thing.  Also known as gluteal amnesia, it happens when your gluteal medius -- one of your three butt muscles -- stops working properly.  It “forgets” what it’s supposed to do
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3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Eating That Food You Really Want to Eat

What can help with overeating is taking the time to stop for just a few seconds and ask yourself these three questions.
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Healthy Kitchen Game Plan: Dry Erase Board

See how to use a simple dry erase board to help you eat healthier and lose weight.
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11 Golden Rules to Healthier Eating: Clean Slate

When’s the last time a cookbook inspired you to take action and motivated you to eat more healthy -- and even to lose weight?
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How to Break the Yo-Yo Diet Cycle

If you’re tired of all the yo-yo dieting and are ready to make a change, here are four ways get yourself back on track.
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