5 Signs Your Sleep Habits Aren't Working for You [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Suzanne Hiscock
You know how people post about the healthy meals they prepared?  Or they post about how many miles they ran or THE sweatiest workout?

What people should really be proud of is... the good night's sleep they got.

Yup, sleep.  

Not only does a good night’s sleep help you metabolically, but getting a good night’s sleep can help you make better decisions during the day to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

This awesome infographic created by Precision Nutrition shows you what signs to look out for -- and it tells you how to get a great night's sleep.

For most people, sleep is a habit to be learned like any other habit.

Speaking of habits, sleep is one of the many habits I coach you through when you sign up for my online weight loss coaching program.  (I'm certified as a PN1 Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.)

Just to give you a little taste of it, you can download and print this one-page worksheet on sleep:

Sleep and Recovery Worksheet

On to the show...

5 Signs Your Sleep Habits Aren't Working For You -- And What to Do About It

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About the Author

Suzanne Hiscock is a PN1 Nutrition Coach, ACE-certified Health Coach, as well as an ACE-certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist. For over 16 years, she has been helping people lose weight and get fit through her website, FitWatch.com. Whether it's with one-on-one nutrition coaching, nutrition programs or courses, and tools or calculators, she can help you to eat better, move more and believe in yourself.