What Percentage of Carbs, Protein and Fat Should You Eat?

One question I see a lot is "What percentage of carbs, protein and fat should I be eating?" It gets confusing because companies always seem to be pushing low carb, low fat or high protein eating.

It's important to know how much carb, protein and fat you're eating because they play different roles in your body. You want to give your body the right kind of energy -- and everybody has different energy needs. Don't eat 'low this' or 'high that' just because everybody else is doing it.

Let me quickly take you through why your body needs carbs, protein and fat, where you get them and what percentages are recommended.
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Will You Get A Perfect Behind with Toning Pants?

Toning pants are workout pants made with compression panels that make it harder to move your legs. The idea being if you're working harder to move your legs while walking or working out, you'll "tone" your leg muscles much more quickly. In fact, Fila USA (TM) says their toning line "dramatically improves workout efficiency." But do toning pants really work?
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Six Serving Sizes You Need to Get Right To Lose Weight

When it comes to counting calories, what do these words have in common:
  • Bowl
  • Glass
  • Plate
  • Bag
  • Scoop
  • Handful
Give up? These are typical serving sizes used by most people. People who underestimate how much they eat in a day.

I bet you use these serving sizes, too. How many times have you served yourself a bowl of cereal, a glass of wine, a plate of spaghetti or a bag of chips?

Hate to break it to you, but these are just words; not serving sizes. Not in this universe, anyway!

When it comes to cutting calories to lose weight, you need to know the proper serving size for the foods you eat. And once you know the right serving size, you need to take it one step further. You need to measure out your portion of food each time until you can estimate the right amount of food to serve yourself.

Bottom line, you need to stop mindlessly dishing out the food and know the actual serving size instead.

Here are six foods where you need to get the serving size right if you're going to drop the pounds:
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One Simple Ab Exercise You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime - Even in a Room Full of People

Usually, when you think about ab exercises, you picture yourself on the floor, grunting through a variety of grueling crunches. Hardly something you'd do anywhere, anytime -- and definitely not something you'd do in a room full of people outside of the gym, right?

But there's one ab exercise you can do while grocery shopping, giving a presentation at work, sitting on the bus, walking down the street -- really, anywhere, anytime.
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Mini-Chocolate Fondue Recipe

For most of us who want to lose weight, cutting out "forbidden" desserts or snacks is like waving a red flag at an enraged bull.

"What do you mean I can't have chocolate? Screw that! I'm going to have a TON of chocolate."

Or at least that's how I get.

The FitWatch philosophy is to make changes you can live with for the rest of your life. Giving up chocolate is not something I want to do.

The trick, then, is chocolate in moderation -- and to find a way to indulge a chocolate craving without going overboard. A piece of chocolate is nice -- but boring. Chocolate fondue, on the other hand? S-W-O-O-N! The problem with chocolate fondue is it's made with cream, takes time and made in large batches. (Are you really going to stick to one serving when you've got a pot full of melted chocolate sitting in front of you?)

But I have your back! I came up with a low calorie, single-serving, quick and easy mini-chocolate fondue. The fondue itself is only 60 calories! Add in fresh fruit and you can indulge your chocolate craving without having left-overs calling to you in the middle of the night.

Here's the recipe:
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8 Steps You Need to Take to Get Fit - And Stay That Way!

Have you ever had that weight loss "moment"? You know the one I mean. That "moment" where you realize that if you keep doing what you're doing, your weight is going to continue ballooning to the point of no return? That moment where you say, "Enough is enough!" That moment where you realize you need to make changes now. Not tomorrow, not 'starting on Monday,' but N-O-W.

Maybe it was when you couldn't breathe while bending over to tie your shoe, maybe it was a number on a scale that you thought you'd never see. Whatever the moment, it's there and it's real. Here's an easy 8 step plan to help you use that moment as a starting point to break out of that weight loss rut that you're in.

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The Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Hear About Weight Loss - But What You Need to Know

These are top ten things you don't want to hear about losing weight but what you need to know if you want to get fit. When you truly take these to heart, you'll reach your weight loss and fitness goals much more easily.
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Fun Pool Exercises to Burn More Calories

When you're looking for a way to stay cool in the summer while still breaking a sweat, a swimming pool is the obvious choice. Not only do you get to beat the heat while having fun, swimming is a great way to burn calories while using the resistance of the water to stretch and strengthen your muscles. You don't have to settle for just lap swimming, though! Instead, hit the waves for a few other forms of aquatic exercise.
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5 Important Tips for Exercising in the Heat

Did you know that the most stressful environment to exercise in is a hot and humid environment? The problem is that your body can't cool down properly when it's humid. When that happens the chance of heat exhaustion or heat stroke becomes very real. If you're overweight, unfit or older you may be even more heat-sensitive. And all that heat puts an extra strain on your heart.

If you can't work out indoors, here are five important tips to follow when exercising in the heat:
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What's the Best Exercise for Losing Weight?

You've made the commitment. You've cleaned up your diet and are eating fresh fruit, vegetables and lean protein to kick start your weight loss journey. Fabulous! How's your exercise program? Not sure what you should be doing? Bored with your workouts?

The two biggest obstacles when trying to lose weight with exercise are boredom and injury. You're probably wondering what are the best exercises to lose weight.
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