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  1. Avocados, Raw, Florida (USDA)
  2. Axelrod Strawberry Yogurt (User Entry)
  3. Baby Back Ribs Raw (User Entry)
  4. Baby Carrots - Raw (User Entry)
  5. Baby Carrots Raw (User Entry)
  6. Baby Raw Carrots (User Entry)

  7. Baby Spinach Raw (User Entry)
  8. Bacardi Strawberry Daiquiri (User Entry)
  9. Bacon Raw Serving = 100g (User Entry)
  10. Balance With Strawberries Cereal (User Entry)
  11. Balsam-pear (bitter Gourd), Leafy Tips, Raw (USDA)
  12. Balsam-pear (bitter Gourd), Pods, Raw (USDA)
  13. Bamboo Shoots, Raw (USDA)
  14. Banana - 1 Average Size (raw) (User Entry)
  15. Banana Raw (User Entry)
  16. Banana Strawberry Salad - Hometown (User Entry)
  17. Banana, Med, Raw, Peeled (User Entry)
  18. Banana, Medium 7"-7 7/8" Raw (User Entry)
  19. Banana, Raw (7") (User Entry)
  20. Bananas, Raw (User Entry)
  21. Bananas, Raw (USDA)
  22. Bar - Fiber One - Oats And Strawberries (User Entry)
  23. Bar - Gen Soy Strawberry Bar (User Entry)
  24. Barley, Pearled, Raw (USDA)
  25. Bartles And Jaymes, Wine Cooler Strawberry Daquiri (User Entry)
  26. Baskin Robbins Strawberry-banana Smoothie (User Entry)
  27. Bayview Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt (User Entry)
  28. Beans, Adzuki, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  29. Beans, Black Turtle Soup, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  30. Beans, Black, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  31. Beans, Cranberry (roman), Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  32. Beans, Fava, In Pod, Raw (USDA)
  33. Beans, French, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  34. Beans, Great Northern, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  35. Beans, Kidney, All Types, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  36. Beans, Kidney, California Red, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  37. Beans, Kidney, Mature Seeds, Sprouted, Raw (USDA)
  38. Beans, Kidney, Red, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  39. Beans, Kidney, Royal Red, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  40. Beans, Navy, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  41. Beans, Navy, Mature Seeds, Sprouted, Raw (USDA)
  42. Beans, Pink, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  43. Beans, Pinto, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  44. Beans, Pinto, Mature Seeds, Sprouted, Raw (USDA)
  45. Beans, Small White, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  46. Beans, Snap, Green, Raw (USDA)
  47. Beans, Snap, Yellow, Raw (USDA)
  48. Beans, White, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  49. Beans, Yellow, Mature Seeds, Raw (USDA)
  50. Bear, Polar, Meat, Raw (alaska Native) (USDA)