Creating the Perfect Workout Routine for You

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Is there such a thing as a “perfect workout routine”? Yes, but probably not in the way you may be thinking about it. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all perfect workout routine for everyone, but it’s very possible to create a workout routine that is perfect for you personally.

Here are a few things to consider:

1) What is your goal?

What do you hope to accomplish with your workout routine? Do you want to lose weight, get into shape, or both? The perfect workout routine for weight loss would focus on burning calories and building lean muscle to boost metabolism. This can be achieved by combining aerobic exercise with resistance exercises like weight lifting. There are some good “calories burned” calculators online that will help you figure out how many calories you would burn while performing various exercises.

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If your goal is not to lose weight but simply get into better shape, you could follow the same type of aerobic/resistance workout, but you wouldn’t focus on calories burned but rather building strength and endurance.

2) How far away from your goal are you?

If you only have a few pounds to lose, or if you’re already in decent physical shape and just want to get a little more fit, you may not have to adopt a rigorous workout routine. It may be enough to perform a moderate exercise routine a few times a week.

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On the other hand, if you are quite far from achieving your goal – for example, if you have a significant amount of weight to lose or if you are quite out of shape – then you may need to create a long-term plan. For long-term goals it’s important to work toward them gradually, rather than diving in and trying to get there overnight.

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3) Where do you need the most help?

The perfect workout routine will also focus heavily on areas where you need the most help. For example, if your cardiovascular fitness level is far below where it should be for a person of your age, you’ll need to steadily work on increasing that day by day. If you tend to avoid working out, you may need to motivate yourself by choosing exercises you don’t mind doing.

4) How much time do you have available?

All workout routines require a time investment, but some require much more than others. If you have an extremely busy schedule, you may need to explore workout routines that allow you to get the maximum results in the least amount of time. If you have plenty of free time for working out, you can split up your workouts so you do shorter workouts several times a day, or engage in multiple forms of exercise each day (like combining aerobic exercises with resistance training).

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5) What are your weak areas?

Finally, your perfect workout routine will address any weaknesses you may have and help you overcome them. For example, you may be in decent shape physically, but your legs are weak because you haven’t been very active in the past few years. In that case you’ll want to choose exercises that will steadily strengthen your leg muscles and improve balance, like Pilates or yoga.

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In short, the “perfect workout routine” is one that works well for you in helping you reach your fitness goals.

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