3 Simple Exercises To Sculpt A Beautiful Upper Body

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Those who work at a keyboard for long hours may be unaware that they are exercising their chest muscles continuously. This has a negative impact in the long run affecting your posture significantly by hampering your ability to stand upright and giving you rounded shoulders. How does this happen? If you sit in front of a computer all day you are continually engaging your pectoral muscles leading to shorter muscles, a tighter chest and weaker back muscles. It’s important to work all the major muscle groups in pairs and in this case it means doing equal amounts of back exercises along with chest exercises to help you maintain a good posture. Working two groups alternatively this way also reduces the overall time you need to work out since you don’t need to rest between sets. Many guys tend to focus solely on building their pectorals and abs simply because it’s an area where they can see results fast. However if their work out is not balanced with exercises that work the back muscles then they are going to have problems with their posture.

For women, doing chest exercises helps improve a sagging chest. If you work out with lightweights and a high number of repetitions, you will improve your bust line without any danger of bulking up. These exercises will only strengthen the muscles that help lift breast tissue giving you a shapelier bust. (You only build muscle mass when you work out with heavy weights and do few repetitions)

Here are three simple exercises that will help you to sculpt your upper body easily

1) The Dumbbell Bench Press - Take a dumbbell in each hand and lie down on your back on a flat bench. Let your palms face forward, keep the elbows pointed out and bring the dumbbells to your shoulder. Lift them up directly above your chest and lower them slowly. When you finish your repetitions place the dumbbells on the sides.

2) The Incline Dumbbell Chest Exercise - Begin this exercise by lying back on an inclined bench with your dumbbells. Bring them to your shoulders and lift them up so that they almost touch. Let your palms face each other. With slightly bent elbows, lower them away from each other. Repeat.

3) Push-Ups - Perform push-ups on the floor and remember to keep your back straight. You can do this by tightening your abdominal muscles.

Perform around 12 repetitions of each of these exercises during every workout to get a sculpted upper body.

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