9 Ways Exercise Can Make You Feel Better

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Do you find yourself in a mid-afternoon slump at the office? Do you drag yourself home only to collapse onto the sofa and look forward to the day ending so you can get into the bed?

Moving more may be the last thing you think of doing and what you desire the least, but it could be exactly what you need to help you feel alert and less tired when the day comes to a close.

Here are 9 ways exercise can make you feel better: 1.) You would think that exercising after a long day when your energy levels are all but depleted would make you even more tired and mentally exhausted. However, just the opposite is true. When you exercise, your mind feels clearer and you can actually accomplish more.

2.) Try to find someone who says they have no stress and you’ll come up empty-handed. If you’re breathing, you’re going to have stress - it’s just the world we live in. Exercise can take your focus off your stress and even though you’re getting physical, exercise actually relaxes you.

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3.) If your strength is dragging and you feel like you’re living your life a beat behind everyone else, exercise changes your level of energy and revitalizes you when you’re tired.

4.) Make a commitment to exercise with someone else in your life you’ve needed to spend more time with. Not only are you working out, but you can have time to talk and relax with your loved one.

5.) Exercise does better than an apple a day at keeping the doctor away. People who exercise stay healthier longer and can even keep from developing some health conditions. For example, did you know that one of the best ways to help ease arthritis stiffness in the knees is daily exercise?

6.) Help your heart. Regular exercise makes your heart healthier because you’re working it and working your heart can help you avoid serious health risks like heart attacks.

7.) Exercise allows you to add more calories to your diet. Sounds kind of strange, but when you exercise, you can add more calories to your daily intake without affecting your weight loss. Now, this doesn’t mean you get to pig out after exercising. Consider this:  a 140lb woman who doesn’t exercise at all needs approximately 1600 calories to maintain her weight, and about 1300 calories a day to create a calorie deficit and lose weight.  A 140lb woman who is moderately active (exercise/sports, 3 to 5 days a week) needs approximately 2100 calories a day to maintain her weight, and about 1700 calories a day to lose weight.

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8.) Exercise is a great self image tool. When you can wear the clothes you want to wear, it improves your sense of mental well being. 9.) Exercise brings other benefits than just watching the pounds drop and your body get into better shape. When you exercise, it can be a ‘time out’ where you can get away from any pressures going on in your life. Studies have shown that taking time for ourselves gives us a clearer perspective and helps us deal with the things life throws at us. Don’t look at exercising as a way to lose weight. Look at it as an indulgence you deserve.

There’s really no excuse to leave exercise out of your weight loss program.  It can do so much more for you then just help you lose weight!

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