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  1. Beef Sausage, Fresh, Cooked
  2. Beef Sausage, Pre-cooked
  3. Beef, Cured, Sausage, Cooked, Smoked
  4. Bratwurst, Chicken, Cooked
  5. Bratwurst, Pork, Cooked
  6. Bratwurst, Veal, Cooked

  7. Carl Buddig, Cooked Corned Beef, Chopped, Pressed
  8. Carl Buddig. Cooked Smoked Beef Pastrami, Chopped, Pressed
  9. Ham, Honey, Smoked, Cooked
  10. Oscar Mayer, Ham (water Added, Baked Cooked 96% Fat Free)
  11. Oscar Mayer, Ham (water Added, Smoked, Cooked)
  12. Oscar Mayer, Pork Sausage Links (cooked)
  13. Pork And Beef Sausage, Fresh, Cooked
  14. Pork And Turkey Sausage, Pre-cooked
  15. Pork Sausage Rice Links, Brown And Serve, Cooked
  16. Pork Sausage, Fresh, Cooked
  17. Pork Sausage, Pre-cooked
  18. Salami, Cooked, Beef
  19. Salami, Cooked, Beef And Pork
  20. Salami, Cooked, Turkey
  21. Sausage, Italian, Pork, Cooked
  22. Turkey And Pork Sausage, Fresh, Bulk, Patty Or Link, Cooked
  23. Turkey Sausage, Fresh, Cooked
  24. Turkey Sausage, Reduced Fat, Brown And Serve, Cooked (include Butterball Breakfast Links Turkey Sausage)
  25. Usda Commodity, Pork, Sausage, Bulk/links/patties, Frozen, Cooked
  26. Yachtwurst, With Pistachio Nuts, Cooked