The Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Hear About Weight Loss - But What You Need to Know

These are top ten things you don't want to hear about losing weight but what you need to know if you want to get fit. When you truly take these to heart, you'll reach your weight loss and fitness goals much more easily.
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How to Organize Your Kitchen for Weight Loss Success

You probably know that being focused is crucial for successful weight loss, and this applies to much more than your mental state. If your outer environment is cluttered and disorganized, you will have a much harder time taking the right actions to stay on track.

To this end, having a very organized, functional kitchen will help a lot! You'll be able to see clearly which ingredients you have, and which ones you need to buy. You will have all of the equipment you need to prepare healthy, delicious meals, without feeling frustrated because it's taking so long.

Here's how to best organize your kitchen for weight loss success:
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An Easy Way to Figure Out What Changes to Make

One common complaint that a lot of people have about health and fitness is that they're confused about what changes to make. There's so much conflicting advice out there! Remember when eggs were bad for you? Now they're good for you. All this confusion is enough to stop people from making any changes at all because they just don't know what to believe anymore. Information overload can paralyze you.

Today, I'm going to share a no-brainer way to get you on your way to forming healthier habits.
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Why Eating a Balanced Diet is Important for Weight Loss

When you want to lose weight, you may immediately start thinking about "strategies and tactics" you can use to "battle the bulge," so to speak. While many of these strategies may work just fine for weight loss, it's important to keep in mind the benefits of eating a balanced diet, rather than JUST focusing on weight loss.
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How to Stop Yo-Yo Dieting FAST

One of the major challenges that dieters face these days is falling into a "yo-yo" cycle. "Yo yo" dieting means going on and off diets constantly; losing weight, gaining weight, trying this new diet, then quitting; then trying another diet, then quitting, and so on. Most yo-yo dieters don't intend to do that, but they can't seem to help it.

If you are one of these yo yo dieters, you'll be interested to learn that there is an easy, FAST way to stop yo yo dieting for good. You may not like the way it sounds at first, but I promise it will make a lot of sense once I explain it. Before I do that, let me ask you a question.

What do you think is the one thing that makes a person quit a diet?
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2 Things That Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss

When you're trying to lose weight, it may sometimes seem like everything in your life is conspiring against you and making it more difficult to reach your goal. The truth is, there are many external distractions that make it virtually impossible to stay focused on your weight loss goals.

Here are two to watch out for:
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How to Train Yourself to Eat Less

Like most bad habits, overeating can quickly get out of control. As a Nutrition Coach, I share my eight most effective strategies to train yourself to eat less.
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Top 10 Power Tips for Fat Loss

When you want to lose weight, you may immediately think of starting a formal diet plan, but that's not always necessary - especially if you only have a few pounds to lose. The following 10 power tips can help you shed a few pounds easily without the need for a full-blown diet, and they can even be used if you have more than a few pounds to lose.
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5 Fat-Burning Strategies for Easy Fat Loss

If you want to drop the pounds, you need to do one important thing: burn stored fat! But how? Below are some of the simplest, yet most effective things you can do to burn more fat each day and lose excess fat easily.
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Super Simple Ways to Lose Weight Fast

There are plenty of diet plans that promise fast weight loss, but many of them are also unhealthy -- if not downright dangerous. Are there any healthy, safe ways to lose weight fast? Absolutely!

By "fast" I don't mean you'll drop 20 pounds in a week or anything; that's excessive. But what if you could make a few small changes to your habits and easily and steadily lose weight and reach your goal in the next 2-3 months? (The length of time it takes depends on how much weight you need to lose, but for most people a few months would be reasonable.)

See: How to Create a 12 Week Weight Loss Countdown Calendar

If that sounds good to you, take a look at the super-simple fast weight loss tips below:
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