3 Ways to Eat Healthy, Lose Weight and Save Money

There are many different ways to help your budget out when it comes to buying groceries from the supermarket, such as clipping and using coupons, or searching weekend advertisements for sale items. But did you know that simply by eating healthily, you can save yourself a lot of money at the supermarket -- and help yourself to lose weight in the process?

Here are 3 ways you can lose weight without losing money:
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8 Smart Tips for Healthy Eating On the Run

One of the biggest obstacles to healthy eating is a lack of time, which is what discourages many people from making the leap to eat much more healthily. Because fast food and junk food appears to be much more readily available than healthy options, many people simply succumb to the temptation and eat poorly during their busy days.

What many people do not realize is that it only takes a little bit of pre-planning to ensure that meals and snacks are healthy during the day. The following are some tips which will help you opt for the healthier eating choices during your busy, stressful day.
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4 Reasons You Should Use An Exercise Ball

By now, you've probably seen an exercise ball. They're those things that look like giant playground balls that you see people rolling and stretching on at the gym. If you're like me, you're probably hesitant about using one of these balls. You may be worried about looking silly or can't actually figure out how they work. Well, I bought an exercise ball awhile ago and can't imagine not using one in my workouts! Here are four reasons you should use an exercise ball:
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Yoga to Relieve Back Pain

Back pain is debilitating and affects every area of your life. The most common area of the back to experience pain is the lumbar region, or the lower back. Learn how the practice of yoga can bring relief for back pain sufferers. Many people think yoga is a fancy way of meditating. They think that there is no way that it could actually be a beneficial form of exercise. Yoga is so much more than that and those that practice it develop an unmatched mind to body connection.
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How Eating More Often Can Help You Eat Less

Three square meals a day is so passe nowadays. The "secret" to curb cravings and burn fat faster is to keep your blood sugar level by eating smaller meals more frequently. In today's world of desk jobs and driving everywhere instead of walking, it doesn't make sense to eat big meals three times a day. You're not going to burn up those calories right away -- they're going to be stored as fat instead! It's better to break up the calories you eat into 5 or 6 meals -- or, at the very least, 3 medium meals and 2 to 3 snacks.

Here are two ways eating more often can help you to eat less:
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Exercising as a Family

Spending time together as a family should be a priority. Parents who spend more time with their kids are more likely to have kids who stay out of trouble. Not only that, it makes memories that last a lifetime. Not only can it help a family build better relationships, it can lead to better health. There are many options available for families to do together. [...]
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Yoga: The Perfect Choice for Senior Fitness

Yoga may be popular with younger people today, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great workout for seniors. It’s low impact workout that doesn’t put excess stress on vulnerable bodies. It makes you feel better mentally and physically while it improves your health. Plus, there are poses for beginners, experts, and everyone in between; so you’ll never get bored. Here are just a few of the reasons yoga is a great workout for people of all ages, especially seniors.
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Why Exercise is Important for Seniors

To live an active, healthy lifestyle, as a young child or into your 90’s, you need to get proper exercise. While many seniors stop exercising due to various physical constraints, it is actually more important for older people to get regular workouts. It’s also important that these workouts encompass the 4 different types of exercise seniors need. They include: strength training, endurance exercises, flexibility exercises, and balance exercises.
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Why High Fiber Foods should be Included in Your Diet

In our diets full of fast food and sugary snacks, it's hard to find foods that are actually good for you. If you want to be healthier and feel better, then you should try adding fiber to your diet.
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Rest Is Just As Important As Exercise

When you get started on a workout, you want to keep it going strong, but you have to remember that you can do too much. Working out as much as you can, for as long as you can, and as hard as you can, is more likely to get you injured than in shape. Our bodies need regular rest to heal and to function optimally. It's a critical part of working out.

You see, every time you work out, you create damage in your muscles and other tissue. It's too small to really notice, but it's still there. Resting your body allows these tiny injuries to heal themselves. If you don't get enough rest between workouts, these tiny problems can add up to a larger, more serious injury. Rest also gives our muscles time to build themselves, so if you never get adequate rest, you won't see significant improvement. Not only should you take adequate rests between each individual workout, you should also alternate light and heavy workouts during the week, and have a much lighter week every 6 weeks or so.
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