8 Smart Tips for Healthy Eating On the Run

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One of the biggest obstacles to healthy eating is a lack of time, which is what discourages many people from making the leap to eat much more healthily. Because fast food and junk food appears to be much more readily available than healthy options, many people simply succumb to the temptation and eat poorly during their busy days.

What many people do not realize is that it only takes a little bit of pre-planning to ensure that meals and snacks are healthy during the day. The following are some tips which will help you opt for the healthier eating choices during your busy, stressful day.

1. Make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables for the day.

​The best part about fruits and vegetables is that many of them are extremely portable. Keep a couple of pieces of fruit, or some sliced vegetables in your car or on your office desk. When you are feeling hungry, opt for these healthy snacks instead of making the trek to the vending machine or stopping at a convenience store for a sugary snack.

2. No matter where you eat, make sure that you are watching your portion sizes. 

You should always opt for the smaller, if not the smallest, size for your meal. If you absolutely must have those salty French fries, opt for the smallest size because it will more than likely be enough to curb your craving without going too overboard in terms of calories.

3. If you are on the run and have no other options but fast food... 

.Try to find a deli-style location rather than stopping at the closest drive-thru. Submarine sandwiches on whole wheat or wraps are options which are much lower both in calories and fat than what you would have found at another fast food location.

4. Most places offer healthy sides which you should take advantage of.

There are many other options available to you that are simply much better for you than French fries. Many places even offer salads now, which while not as healthy as a salad you would make at home, can easily curb your hunger without overwhelming you with too many calories.

5. Choose grilled options whenever they are available.

Chicken may be a healthy choice in general, but the fried and breaded chicken choices that many fast food restaurants offer are actually very high in calories and fat. Opt for a grilled chicken sandwich instead.

6. Stop at a supermarket on your lunch break, instead of a fast food restaurant. 

Grocery stores offer a lot of different quick food options, like vegetables and fruit which are already washed and cut and individually packaged, or small submarine sandwiches with the condiments on the side. If you grab a sandwich, remember to grab a yogurt cup or an individual piece of fruit as well for a well rounded lunch time meal.

7. Speaking of condiments, try to avoid mayonnaise if you can.

You may not realize this: A mere tablespoon of mayonnaise can have as many as 100 calories! Yuck!

8. Keep water with you at all times.

Avoid sugary drinks and drinks with a lot of caffeine, instead opting for the healthiest thing that you can put into your body: Water. Keep bottled water in your car, or a gallon jug of water at the office with you. Water will also help you feel full faster, if you drink a large glass before every snack or meal.
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