Eliminate These Processed Foods, for Health’s Sake!

Why should you eliminate processed foods from your life? What is wrong with them? Processed foods are full of harmful fats, avoidable chemicals, refined starch, and white sugar and so on. More than 6000 chemicals, some of them possessing cancer-producing properties, are used in the processed-food industry.
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Fresh Air Does a Body Good

People spend a lot of time indoors every day. Kids spend six hours a day in school. Many adults spend at least eight hours inside of the buildings where they work. We spend all night in our homes: eating, playing, and sleeping. When do we take the time to enjoy the "great outdoors"? Fresh air is highly underrated. Getting out of doors on a regular basis can improve one's health and sense of well-being.
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How to Make Sense of Food Labels

We all understand how important it is not to eat too much fat, too many carbohydrates or sugar in our diet. However, the majority of us don't know how much and what is in the food we buy in the supermarket.

Luckily, all items that are packaged have to, by law, include what's in them. For example, they have to tell you how much salt and fat is in the item. These have to be clearly labeled on the product. That makes it so much simpler -- or does it?
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4 Easy Ways to Make "Eating Healthy" Taste Good

One of the biggest reasons people don't eat healthy foods is because they feel it won't taste good. The problem is, if your health food doesn't taste good, you're eating the wrong health food. Just because something is good for you doesn't mean it has to taste bland, boring, or completely gross. There are plenty of ideas out there for eating healthy without making sacrifices on taste. Here are just a few of them:
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3 Smart Reasons Why You Need Fiber in Your Diet

In our diets full of fast food and sugary snacks, it's hard to find foods that are actually good for you. If you want to be healthier and feel better, then you should try adding fiber to your diet. What is Fiber? Fiber is a material produced by plants that we can't digest. So why would we want to eat something we can't digest? Insoluble fiber dissolves in water and gives your food a thicker consistency. This makes you absorb sugar into your blood stream more slowly. Soluble fiber absorbs water, but doesn't dissolve it. This makes your stool moist and helps clean out your digestive tract. Here are 3 reasons why you need to add fiber to your diet:
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How to Lose 15lbs Fast

Do you want to lose 15lbs fast? Would that be pounds of fat, water or muscle? You see, when people talk about losing weight, they don't always comprehend exactly what that means. Most people automatically connect weight with fat, but that's not accurate. If you want to lose 15lbs just so it looks better on the scale readout, then it probably doesn't matter whether you lose fat, water or muscle. (But you don't really want to think that way!) If you want to lose that extra bulge around your middle, then you're looking to lose 15lbs of fat fast.
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Recipe: Summer Fruit Fun - Saucy Watermelon Quarters

Here's a fancy (but quick!) fruit recipe to serve when you have guests over -- or just make it for yourself and have a healthy snack at your fingertips!
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Weight Loss: How Much Should I Weigh?

How much should I weigh? It's a common question posed by people of all ages. Some experts say that you should stick to whatever weight is comfortable for you. Perhaps you've met people who are quite content at their current weight, even though they are thin or heavy.

There are slim people who feel uncomfortable when they develop the slightest belly. There are obese people who are quite content carrying around all that extra weight.
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What's the Difference Between Appetite and Hunger?

There is no better time clock than your own body. Have you noticed how efficient your body is at letting you know if it is time for breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner? But problems arise because we generally have two reasons for eating. The first is hunger and the second is appetite. Aren't hunger and appetite the same thing, you may be asking. Not at all. Hunger is completely different from appetite.
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Burn The Fat Inner Circle - Review

I've been a member of Tom Venuto's member's-only website called "Burn The Fat Inner Circle" since January 2008 -- and I have to say, I'm very impressed with what he's put together. This site is huge and contains some really powerful resources for people trying to lose fat and get in great shape. The Inner Circle has very high quality materials that will help members burn more fat and really achieve the results they're looking for. (I lost 6% body fat in a 12 week period!) Before I give you some insider-details of what the Inner Circle offers, let me tell you a little bit about Tom Venuto -- just in case you don't know who he is.
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