Recipe: Summer Fruit Fun - Saucy Watermelon Quarters

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Here’s a fancy (but quick!) fruit recipe to serve when you have guests over—or just make it for yourself and have a healthy snack at your fingertips!
Saucy Watermelon Quarters


4 slices watermelon (3/4 inch thick) 3 medium pears, peeled 1/3 cup sugar free apple juice 2 cups blackberries


Chill the watermelon slices.  While watermelon is chilling, peel and slice pears into 4 pieces each.  Be sure to remove the cores.  Pour the apple juice into blender and add pears. Blend until pureed. Remove watermelon slices and cut each slice into quarters.  Remove the seeds and rind. Place watermelon quarters on large plate. Pour pear sauce over the watermelon slices.  Arrange the blackberries decoratively on top.  Serve cold.

Serves 4

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