Trick or Treat: How to Enjoy Halloween Without Guilt

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Halloween is one of the more fun holidays, but it can be extremely difficult to enjoy the “tricks” while also avoiding all the “treats” if you are trying to lose weight.  It is possible to still have a good time and indulge just a tiny bit without overdoing it on calories.  Take a look at the yummy treats below and keep them in mind at your next Halloween party.

Bite-Sized Candy

Bite-sized candy bars are miniature versions of their full-size cousins, but with much fewer calories.  If you’re craving chocolate but don’t want to eat too many calories, most bite sized candy bars have 100 calories or less.

Candy Corn

Rather than chocolate, you may want to stick with a treat that is a bit lower in fat and calories, like candy corn.  One ounce (about 16 pcs.) contains 100 calories.

Bobbing for Apples

If the party you attend has a “bobbing for apples” activity, bob to your heart’s content and then enjoy that crunchy apple for only 50-150 calories (depending on how large it is).


A small lollipop has only 50 calories and a medium-sized one has roughly 100 calories - but they take a long time to get through if you don’t chew them.  Take your time eating a lollipop and you’ll get a lot of enjoyment for only a few calories.

Hard candy

Most hard candies contain very few calories (approximately 50 calories for up to 3 pieces) so you can enjoy them without guilt.  Again, make them last longer by sucking on them until they dissolve, not chewing them.

Popcorn balls

One popcorn ball usually contains about one cup of popped corn, but they also usually have a thin coating of sugar, caramel or other sticky sweetener.  Even so, one popcorn ball only contains approximately 150 calories.


One ounce of pretzels has roughly 100 calories, and one ounce is actually a decent serving size so you can feel like you’re getting a lot for the calorie “cost”.

Obviously, if there is a fruit or veggie platter available, you’ll save more calories by eating those, but a couple of little treats won’t hurt either.

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