Losing Weight Without Trying: How and Why it Happens

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Do you suddenly find that you’re losing weight even though you haven’t been dieting? Losing weight without trying sounds like a dream come true for many dieters, but it can also be worrisome if you can’t figure out why it’s happening and what it might mean for your health.

Below are some possible reasons for spontaneous weight loss:

Are You Ill?

There are plenty of illnesses that can cause you to lose weight without trying.  Are you experiencing any symptoms?  Pain?  Nausea or vomiting?  It’s important to get checked by a doctor, even if you don’t have any unusual symptoms.  Some health conditions don’t present any obvious symptoms but need to be monitored and treated.  Tell your doctor that you’ve been losing weight for no apparent reason and request that he or she order blood tests and do a physical exam to be sure you’re okay.

Have You Been Busy?

If all checks out okay health-wise, consider how busy your schedule has been lately.  Have you been working longer hours?  Studying a lot?  Running after young children more than usual?  You may simply be eating fewer calories or burning more calories than you normally do, even if you aren’t doing it on purpose.

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Have Your Eating Habits Changed?

Have you made changes to your diet lately?  Maybe you’ve been shying away from fried foods because they upset your stomach, or you’ve swapped sugar for healthier sweeteners like stevia?  Maybe you’ve been thirsty lately so you’ve been drinking more water and fewer sweetened beverages?

Have You Been Stressed or Depressed?

Losing weight without trying is often a symptom of emotional distress.  If you’ve been feeling stressed, depressed, or just plain overwhelmed, you may be losing your appetite because of it.  It’s a good idea to learn some effective coping skills so you don’t lose too much weight and become malnourished.

Are You in Love?

Meeting a new romantic partner and falling in love is a sure recipe for losing weight without trying!  Who cares about food when you’ve got waves of passion and excitement rolling through you every time you think of him or her?  If new love is the reason for your spontaneous weight loss, don’t worry - it will even out within a few months or so.

There are plenty of reasons why you might be losing weight without trying to - some of them good, and some not so good.  Whatever your personal reasons are, simply listen to your body and try to maintain a balanced diet.

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