5 Ways To Scare Off Halloween Candy

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It’s getting cold outside, the leaves are falling, October is drawing to a close—sounds like a good time to chow down on a heap o’ Halloween candy! Not!

While Halloween can be a fun time of the year, it can wreak havoc if you’re trying to lose weight.  Just a few wrong choices or one too many of the good, old “But they’re so tiny.  One more won’t hurt!” excuse will be enough to send you screaming off the bathroom scale on November 1st.

Here are 5 tips to help get you through Halloween with your waistline intact.  (I did have “don’t eat any candy at all” as a first tip, but figured I’d be run out of town by an angry mob with pitchforks!)

Read The Label

If you’re going to indulge, at least know what you’re getting yourself into.  Read the label on the bag of candy to find the serving size and the amount of calories.  The amount of calories alone may be enough for you to stop overindulging.  If not, you could trying cutting back on that amount of calories with your other meals.  Granted, you’ll end up replacing good nutritious food with pure sugar—definitely not something you want to do on a regular basis!  But if you’re otherwise healthy, it shouldn’t hurt just this one time - within reason, of course.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

If you’re giving out candy, buy it as close to October 31st as possible and store it in a hard to reach place (or have somebody hide it).  Having all that candy in the house is just too tempting.  And you definitely need to follow this rule if you’ve ever had to go out and buy more candy because you ate most of your giving-away candy before Halloween.

When it comes to the workplace, avoid people who put out candy or look away when you pass by that overflowing bowl of candy the well-intentioned receptionist has put out.  And if YOU are that well-intentioned receptionist, take pity on people and move the bowl out of sight.

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Keep the Wrappers, Silly

Because it’s so easy to mindlessly pop Halloween candy into your mouth with no end in sight, keep every single wrapper so you know how much you’ve had.  Your mind may say you’ve only had three mini-bags of M&Ms, but a big pile of wrappers won’t lie.

Eat Only Your Favorites

To me, there’s no point in taking on the extra calories of something you don’t like or only like a little bit.  If you’re going to have Halloween candy, then you may as well enjoy yourself by eating only your favorites.  Save calories by turning your nose up to anything else.

Eat Protein

This tip is a bit tricky.  Eating protein will help counter-effect the rapid rise in blood sugar from all that candy.  But you have to keep in mind all the extra calories you’re eating.  Try to eat a piece of candy with a meal or a healthy snack.  (I can hear a chorus of “Yeah, riii-iiight” just about now, as mini-chocolate bars are gobbled down across the country with nary a healthy food in sight…  Well, don’t say I didn’t try to make you eat healthy!)

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If you decide to go all out with the Halloween candy, watch out for cravings after overindulging.  You may come crashing down hard after the sugar rush and experience intense cravings.  Whatever you do, don’t reach for more candy!  Instead curb cravings with these five little words.

Happy Halloween!


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