4 Low Calorie Thanksgiving Desserts

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In most American households, Thanksgiving dinners have no shortage of high calorie, high fat, high sugar desserts available.  There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of these desserts if you want to - but if you’re looking for a way to stay on track with a weight loss plan, you may be interested in some lower calorie options like those below:

1) Sugar-Free Jello and Fruit

Sugar-free jello is a nice sweet treat you can enjoy for very few calories (60 calories per 1/2 cup).  Add some fresh fruit and maybe a dollop of low-fat or sugar-free whipped cream, and you’ve got a very satisfying dessert that won’t break the calorie bank.

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2) Chocolate Pudding with Bananas

Want something a little creamier?  Chocolate pudding (1/2 cup) has only 140 calories.  Add half of a sliced banana and you add only 50 calories (plus some fiber, which can help limit the impact on your blood sugar).

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3) Pie:  Apple, Lemon Meringue, Pumpkin

Most variations of pie are definitely not low calorie, having an average of 250-500 calories per slice.  However, there are ways to enjoy pie while reducing the number of calories you eat.  First, you can cut a standard slice in half.  Most “average” pie slices are about 1/6th of an 8-inch pie.  That means each half of the pie is cut into 3 slices.  That’s a pretty hefty slice of pie!  If you cut it in half, you’ll only be eating 125-250 calories.  Not bad as long as you didn’t overdo it at dinner.  You can also greatly reduce the calories in pie if you make your own and substitute artificial sweeteners for sugar.

You can also make a “pie like” dessert and reduce calories by cutting out the crust, substituting egg whites for full eggs, and so on.  Go online and search for ways to make your old favorites healthier by using search terms like “low calorie pumpkin pie” or “reduced sugar apple pie” - you’ll find tons of great recipes to try.

4) Fresh Fruit

Probably the lowest calorie and healthiest Thanksgiving dessert is fruit.  Put together a big platter of delicious fresh fruit like pineapple, melon, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, orange slices, kiwi, and grapes.  You can even dip some in melted dark chocolate and let them cool before adding to the platter, or sprinkle a little bit of stevia powder on the fruit to add a bit more sweetness.

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