4 Simple Steps to Get Back on Track After a Holiday Week-End

by Suzanne Hiscock

Sometimes you have the best intentions during a three day holiday week-end.  You swear you’ll eat well, even when you’re offered the most succulent barbecue meals— and swear even more that you’ll exercise instead of sleeping in AND avoid alcohol.  (Go you!)  But there you are Tuesday morning: feeling guilty, slightly ill and bloated from all the over-eating. 

Now what you do?  The way I see it, you’ve got only one choice:  get back on track as quickly as possible!  Here are four ways to get back on track with you weight loss plan after a long holiday week-end.

1)  Ditch the guilt. So, despite your best intentions, you didn’t stick to your diet plan.  You need to ditch any guilt you feel and stop beating yourself up about it.  Feeling guilty about overindulging is wasted energy—spend that energy doing something productive instead.

2) Dump the extra food. If you’ve got extra food around the house from the holiday week-end, dump it.  Why keep unhealthy, calorie-laden food around to tempt you?  Better that the food goes in the garbage than on your hips or belly, right?

3) Review or reset your goals. Sometimes overindulging comes about because you either lost sight of your goals or have set your goals too high.  A goal of “I’m never going to eat cookies again” may be too strict for you and cause you to overindulge, using a holiday week-end as an excuse to ditch your diet plan.

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4) Eat your favorite healthy meal and do your favorite workout.  You’re only one healthy meal and one workout away from getting back on track.  If you need the extra incentive, why not cook your favorite healthy meal (for me, it’s salmon!) and do your favorite workout—and blast your favorite music while doing it.

If you overindulged over the long holiday week-end, chances are the “damage” is not as bad as you think.  Use these four tips to get back on track and you’ll be back to losing weight before you know it!

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Suzanne is the owner of FitWatch. She's had strong interest in nutrition and exercise for over 20 years, and is an ACE-certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach. Back in 2002, she started FitWatch.com because she wanted to help people lose weight by creating helpful tools and calculators. A huge fan of calorie counting, Suzanne created the FitWatch Fitness Tracker to make it easy for people to count their calories.