Last Minute Tips For Holiday Dieting

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Let’s face it, most of us will be doing “it” these next few days —we’ll be going ‘round to see friends and relatives this holiday season.  And, inevitably, we’ll find a traditional spread of high-fat, calorie-laden food that’s going to tempt us away from any diet plan we’re on.

If that sounds like your holiday plans, you have a few choices:  you can indulge and then work out like mad.  Or, you can stick to your guns and still enjoy the holidays with these last minute holiday dieting tips:

Eat Before: Remember that old saying, never food shop when you’re hungry?  Well, the same applies to holiday eating. Before going out to a holiday party have a small snack that’s on plan—and drink plenty of water. Once you’re there, head right for the veggie platter to help you stick to whichever diet plan you’re on.  You’ll be less tempted to fill up on unhealthy foods if you’re already full.

Portion Control: If you’re attending a sit-down holiday meal, chances are you’re going to be offered a wide array of foods.  Instead of just digging in, make a conscious choice of controlling your portions.  Make it a point to eat slowly and TASTE the food.  How many times have you just gobbled down food, barely tasting it?  Same goes with dessert.  And if you have more than one choice for dessert, don’t take both!  Or, at the very least, take a small portion of each dessert.  Again, take the time to enjoy the flavors.

Avoid Alcohol & Soda:  Easier said than done for some!  If you can’t avoid these completely, at least don’t overindulge, and go for diet versions of any drinks.  Water down wine, or make a sparkling wine spritzer by mixing 1/4 cup club soda with 1/2 cup wine.

And who knows?  More and more people are aware of healthy eating; maybe your host or hostess has made healthier versions of traditional meals.  Take them aside and ask them, to see if that’s the case.

Regardless of what you do, the holidays are for spending time with family and friends.  Remember to enjoy yourself, but remember to be good yourself, too —and that’s what eating right and not overindulging is all about!

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