Winter Is the Best Time to Join a Gym

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When winter hits, most people just want to bundle up, and stay inside with a cup of hot tea and, close the curtains and wait for spring.  Who wants to go through the painstaking process of bundling up to go outside to get exercise?  While dressing for winter can often be a workout in itself, it isn’t enough to stay healthy over the winter months.  And, even if you manage to keep a healthy diet over the winter, it isn’t enough to maintain your overall health.  Exercise needs to be a part of your lifestyle, no matter what time of year it is.  So, what better time is there to join a gym, than when winter hits and tries to enforce months of hibernation? Even though you may not be able to take part in some of the things you enjoy over the summer, like going on a nature hike, or playing softball, there’s plenty to keep you busy at the gym.  There are many classes to choose from, as well as different equipment to try – even indoor pools and racquetball courts.

But Do I Really Need To Work Out?

Obviously, the choice is yours, but during the winter it can be even more important to maintain an active lifestyle.  Not only does working out burn fat, build muscle strength, increase metabolism and keep our hearts healthy, it also helps us to fight off many diseases and illnesses.  There are many studies which have been done indicating that exercise helps us to increase our immune systems, which is so important during the winter months.

In fact, just maintaining regular, moderate exercise can offer us protection against colds and flu.  A recent study of 50 women, who walked faithfully 5 days a week, showed that they suffered half as many colds as ones who had no exercise at all.  Their immune systems were healthier, indicating more virus and bacteria- fighting cells.

How to Choose The Best Gym

Don’t just go with the gym that’s necessarily closest, or cheapest.  Do your research first, otherwise you’re not as apt to stick with your exercise plan.  Not only that, most gyms won’t offer a refund, so you need to make sure you’re getting everything you want in your gym before you sign up.

Obviously, it’s best if you can have one that’s nearby, and you should check out all the ones nearest you first.  But, make sure it has a friendly environment, as well as equipment and facilities that you’ll actually make use of.  If they don’t, keep looking for something better suited to your needs.

Look around and see if you can find one offering a trial membership.  That way you can try them out before having to pay any membership fees.  Be sure to check everything that’s available.  If you’re hoping for a great aerobics class, see if one is offered there.  And, make sure you give it a try as well.  Don’t make any decisions until you find one that offers everything you’re looking for, to help ensure that you follow through with your exercise goals.

Just because winter has set in, you don’t have to put your active lifestyle on hold.  Find a friend to join a gym with you, and you can spend the winter getting out, having fun and getting much needed exercise to keep yourself healthy and happy.

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