Online, Standard, Customized, Weight Training Logs

Tracking what how much you exercise by using an exercise log / diary can help you determine approximately how many calories you're burning each day and how much exercise you really are getting.

If you're in training, an exercise log / diary can be an invaluable tool to help you stick to your goals and chart your progress.


Online Log / Diary - FitWatch Fitness Tracker

The FitWatch Fitness Tracker is an online fitness tracker designed to help you keep track of your food, exercise and self-improvement quickly and easily.

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Printable Logs - Standard Exercise Log

The Standard Exercise Log will help you keep track of duration, pace and distance, in addition to calories burned.

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Printable Logs - Customize an Exercise Log

You can customize an Exercise Log by selecting any of the options below.

Keep in mind that the more options you select, the more likely you will need to print in landscape format on an 8 1/2 X 14 sheet of paper.


Actual Duration      Planned
Calories Burned    Goal RPE
Distance Pace  Steps

Printable Logs - Weight Training Log

The Weight Training Log will help you keep track of your complete workout, including warming-up and cooling down.

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